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BLAST OFF revealed an album preview which taken from the second EP, which will be released in this coming October.

It seems this year will be filled by clumps of anger that chained and must immediately be released, spewed out and ignited. Another blaze coming from Thrash Metal from Spain, Blast Off  which ready to release the second EP titled World Of Lies  exact date of October 1, 2014 through the label Suspiria Records and planned will also be released in Digital format on October 15, 2014.

This EP will contain four songs which ready to redden your face and tease the head to headbang. Recorded at Ultrasound Studios in Braga (Portugal) with Pedro Mendes. Therefore, they have set up, an expression of rebellion through a teaser that you can hear here. And proudly; we also include their first EP, called ' Devious Insane, so you can enjoy the beauty of this rebellion. And we are sure, it will be a trigger of anger for you which really need.

Perform with the concept of old school Thrash, filled with fast riffs and cruel, aggressive and very catchy is our The first impression of us, the excerpts of four songs that they publish recently, with a duration of one minute more. It makes us a little bit forgot Sodom and Kreator, and switching to a new uprising, which more vicious and brutal, energetic and really bring the aroma of a satisfaction and tempted to await the arrival of this EP, at the same time, cannot wait to review it with vigorously. 

The Album titled  World Of Lies  will coming, not just as a trigger of anger, but the new rebellion that should be an enthusiast and ambition against something that must be disclosed and blown up. 

Track List:
 1.     Magnicide        
2.     Blackout        
3.     Government of Money        
4.     Hunter of Evil 

Fonso Alonso (Vocals)
Fran Gómez (Guitar)
Dani Zonka (Bass)
Iago Ramilo (Drum)

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