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BURNING NITRUM publish an official promo from their debut album, released on 22 September 2014

We get the new thrash band, this time , coming from Bari, Italy. And recently we heard the news from the label  Punishment 18 Records , that their debut album titled  Molotov 'ready out on 22 September 2014. The Album contains ten tracks, including three intro songs ,  and the artwork was done by the most respected, 'Ed Repka' (Megadeth, Death, Massacre, Vio-Lence, and many more).

Burning Nitrum formed in 2010, two years before the band released an Ep titled  Pyromania .  This time, they come with additional of the new ammunition named  Francesco Vivarelli (Guitar) , Angelo Fiore (Bass) and Walter Lanotte (Lead Guitar) and ready to give a touch of the old sense of thrash metal.   For that, recently, they published a teaser which was taken from their debut album, and you can hear it here.

Hear a teaser which recently published, There is an excitement and refreshment for concocting a more dynamic concept with aromas of thrash which different on each of their songs.  Besides being able to hear the whole concept of Old Thrash, they also give the melody which very unified and easy to remember and perceived, because it's really comfortable to be heard, without an iota forget the balance of rhythm, elegance in set the tempo and neatly in concocting a fresh concept that grooved and dynamic.

And the album titled  Molotov  ascertained ready tempt your ears to hear it constantly and makes you smile and excited hear the concept of the old era of thrash with an extra of rhythm that more passionate, refreshing and dynamic. 

Track List
1.     Subversive Nausea (Intro)
2.     Remote of Death 
3.     Apocalypse of Pain    
4.     High Speed Bangers
5.     Lying Until the End 
6.     Falling into Slavery (Intro)
7.     Slave of Lust 
8.     Sparkling Splatter    
9.     Nemesis, the Death Star (Instrumental)
10.     Turned to Ashes (Nothing Stands Still) 

Dave Cillo - Vocals
Walter Lanotte - Guitar
Francesco Vivarelli - Guitar
Angelo Fiore - Bass
Dario D'Ambrosio - Drums

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