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DESTROYING DIVINITY streaming a new track and announce the fourth full length Album coming in September 2014.

Lavadome Productions have a mainstay again.   After they published a new album of ' Day Of Doom ', this time they are wrenching our ears with a sense of the most painful.  Coming from the depth in playing the purity of death metal , The fourth full length Album from the band who formed 13 years ago in Ratiskovice-The Czech Republic , Destroying Divinity, entitled Hollow Dominion will be released on September 30, 2014.

The Album entitled Hollow Dominion  will spew eight songs that full of inhumanity and painful, and recently, they return spread the next song called Empire of Emptiness, and you can listen here, along with another song that had previously been shared , also taken from their upcoming album.

We are really hungry to enjoy each of their savagery in summarizing the concept of full madness in spreading the strong meaning against the aroma of dark and totally blasphemous.  Not enough with one song, which released some time ago, this time we came back aroused against more turbulent which deadly on a song called Empire Of Emptiness

For us, a song that had just published entitled Empire Of Emptiness , is the high emotional overflow, successful defending the existence of extreme music and really give in-depth meanings over the essence of old death metal which filled with the aroma of darkness, suffering, brutality and blasphemy. We are really waiting for this suffering.

Hear Empire Of Emptiness make us imagined, like sitting with hands tied by rusty wire, the mouth closed with stitches and torn apart, eyes covered with a black holster, only ears to receive the incisions which coming from the scent of hatred and the deep darkness ,sounding the strains of outrage from violent riffs and let face get scratched by the savagery of play and incite the tempo that truly blasphemous.

GASSI - Guitar
FLAGIN - Guitar

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