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DHWESHA - Sthoopa (2014) * Review

This roar is really passionate, just heard the first tone in the song titled Sattva Bali alone, like already want to run to enter the hall in time to return to the era of the death metal 90 's. And this is an exhilarating day because we could touch their music and managed to review this album with upbeat and filled with excitement and certainly able to reminisce anymore.   Of interest to us why we chose to hear this album, besides their rhythms filled with flavor and thumps of classic, the old death metal riffs that they provide also keeps a tranquillity that stimulates the brain to be in a situation of colossal and darkness.

The First full length album entitled  Sthoopa  of the band coming from Bangalore, India,' Dhwesha ', will be released by the label of Germany ' Dunkelheit Produktionen ' at the beginning of September 2014.   This Album brings a lot of nuances, but the most felt is a classic touch, epic and the darkness that they give, really gives a strong secretive to hear always it constantly.

After being tempted with a touch of the old death metal on the song Sattva Bali, we move on to some of the songs which have a sound and riffs which explore the many classic flavors such as  SthoopaHoy! Sala , Shabe and Kapala Haara .   These songs are really embracing the depth of flavor and a touch of the old death metal which quiets but blasphemy, catchy as well as creating an atmosphere different with the scent of darkness.

Besides giving it all, they also remain consistent with the sense of colossal and epic views and really bring an imagination of the moodiness and darkness in our minds. This is really we get on songs entitled  Dhwesha and  Ugra Narasimaha.   The charming acoustic guitar, opening the tone of these two tracks, add excitement to enjoy this album.   Not to mention the purity of the epic death metal mixed with the aggressiveness of old death metal in the song titled  Yuddhabhumi , lead us to continue to deepen and seem to forget that this is the year of 2014.

Stoopha for us, like another entrance in front of the eyes, which contains the dark room, and when we entered it. It turns out, we heard the screams of suffering that inadvertently make the sadness and anger which culminated as well as hear the drums of war that seduces and tempt us to sense a battle.

Track List'
1.     Sattva Bali        
2.     Sthoopa        
3.     Dhwesha        
4.     Hoy! Sala        
5.     Ugra Narasimaha        
6.     Sabhe        
7.     Yuddhabhumi        
8.     Kapala Haara

Ajay - Guitars/Vocals
Somesha - Guitars
Tushar - Drums

Bernd Hermanns
Trierer Strasse 244
52078 Aachen

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