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DISKORD - Oscillations (Ep 2014) * Review

We actually wait and enjoy the touch of their experiments from album to album. This time, we were really hard to get out of the chair when heard a touch of experiments which increasingly charming in their mini album titled ' Oscillations '.   This Album is more varied than previous albums which we have, called ' Doomscapes ' or ' Dystophic '.  'Oscillations ' comes, more offers the powerful sense of somber of doom who rarely we find on the album ' Dystophic ', but more than that, 'Diskord' is 'Diskord ', there are not many bands that have a concept like this.   From their first album until now, we have not been able to guess the beats and the structure of the tempo that they play.  It always makes us to be curious, about what they would make in each album.

Enjoy and hear ' Oscillations ' is like inflame and helpless to accept the turbulence and vibration of the melodic waves that could not be touched and digested, can only be embraced by uniqueness and rarity in a composition of obscurity that really spur the curiosity. A progressive and technical experiments that they make in this album is really solid, consistent, uncompromising, intense and not boring.

An Absolute series of experimental combination of technical, progressive and doom, really they exploration with clear and solid in the songs entitled ' 'Horrid Engine', 'Lethargic Regression',and 'Hermit Doom'.   The songs are very flavorful, especially ' 'Hermit Doom', really strong spew all the nuances of doom that expressly. ' Elytrous Oscillations ' is the most awaited song, where they open the song with slightly different shades of grim with 'Hernit Doom'.   We feel that this song is the most varied song because besides provide the heavy doom , we can also feel the presence of the structure of the old school beats that impressed hidden from the denseness of the progressive and technical bang .  This song is truly dazzling and very cool, because we can feel that this song is the song that most have the best-performing variations of tempo.

Almost have the same concept in a song titled 'Elytrous Oscillations', the last two songs prove that ' Diskord ' is also very consistent with their musical concoction.   Songs titled ' Symbiotic Whims ' and ' A Downward Spire ' is the screams of the brilliance of them to remain consistent with their style of music that fantastic, difficult to ignore, because the concept of music like this, can rarely be found, let alone ' Diskord' is the band that born in Norway with a strong element of black and Melodic.   This is really impressive and their music really killed the civilization.

Track List:
1.     Horrid Engine
2.     Lethargic Regression
3.     Hermit Dream 
4.     Elytrous Oscillations 
5.     Symbiotic Whims
6.     A Downward Spire

Eyvind Wærsted Axelsen : Bass, Vocals
Hans Jørgen Ersvik : Drums, Vocals
Håvard Østli : Guitars ,Vocals


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