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EMETH publish a song from their Upcoming Album ' Aethyr '

A Great news that really we wait, When will the album be released?.   And yesterday was the day that awaited, due to the labels Xtreem Music  proclaimed that the fourth full length album of Emeth  entitled  Aethyr  will be ready for release on 15 September 2014 complete with cover art, track list and a new song that you can hear here.

Seventeen years, Matty Duppont build this band and actually concocted the music that gives an elegance of enjoying the extreme brutal package which contains the riffs which violent, savage and kill.   And now is the time for us, hear their first savagery in a song which for us was their flagship song, titled  Aetyhr.

Before hearing this song, there is a desire from our curious, whether the concept of the music on this album is better than Telesis, because we know together, that this new album is the first of four new members named 'Pat Dejonge (Bass), Nico Veroeven (Drums), Alan Rawson (Guitar) and 'Boris Cornelissen (Vocals)'.   And apparently, this is more assertive and magnificent for us, their music in this song is increasingly varied with more offers and demonstrate a high level musicality in playing the beauty of technical rhythm and still gives the touch of brutally that catchy and dynamic.

A song called  Aethyr  for us is a sensation and the momentum of the brutal composition which have so far are savage and kill, become a splendor which really offer the beauty and attraction to enjoy an extreme package that really spread a lot of aromas.   And we will never be far away from this album.

Track List:
01. I Became Flesh and Dwelleth Amongst Thee
02. Exterminate the Vacillating
03. Aethyr
04. Der Einsam Wandler
05. Suffering Comes with thy Name
06. Eidolons of Ash
07. The Hour of the Great Contempt
08. Wrath Upon the Cursed
09. Lama Sabachtani
10. Serpents Walk as if Human

Line Up 2014
Matty Dupont : Guitars
Pat Dejonge : Bass
Nico Veroeven : Drums
Alan Rawson : Guitars
Boris Cornelissen : Vocals
P.O.Box 666
28080 - Madrid

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