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GRACE DISGRACED - The Primal Cause: Womanumental (2014) * Review

One Thing that we should admit as a metal music lover, that nothing tone which is not interesting on their second full length album entitled ' The Primal Cause: Womanumental ', in fact it is more dynamic and catchy than their debut album. A concept that attracts our attention is how they actually concocted technical riffs into a dish that is entertaining, simple but not boring.  Their concentration to play harmonious rhythms apparent balanced with a tempo that varies in every song. This Album is perfect, if we want to find the rhythm that really kicked off the boredom and tempting the head to headbang.  The Album was also included in a framework of high quality music where the tempo or technical riffs that they make really grooved , neat and very well balanced.   We are also satisfied when the rhythm that they give, really catchy.

Grace Disgraced was born in Moscow, Russia, ten years ago, and through this album, they actually bring glory and satisfaction plays an entertaining rhythm by trying the fetter of the wrath of technical death into a bonding experiment that really impressed fused, hidden from behind the integrity of the harmonization of death metal, grooved, neat and dynamic. For us, Hearing this album makes us imagine, such facing a dilemma of moral anguish that is been rooted and bound, And at that time also, come in a package that contains the screams and overflow of glory and desire that readies to repeal and cut the inhumanity and old sins.

Beauty in insert element of technical death metal in a whole concept of death metal has been directed, when we began to hear the opening rhythm titled 'Venustus Caedes'. This song is so powerful against the melodic harmony and tempo. Really deep, moreover the vocalis really intense in this song. A mix of guitar riffs and drum beats really balanced and grooved. And they also prove it again in the song called 'Secondary '. ' Initial ' is a song that kept us awake, Because besides having the longest duration, it also keeps a lot of nuances of anger when hearing it.   This song is the song that most interesting for us. Besides we felt the most varied musical concepts through their rhythm and tempo, this song also attracts our attention because we can hear the heavy of progressive touches in this song.

'She Smells Death' and 'Panacea' are songs that are difficult to ignore. Because it has the rhythm that memorable and interesting. We chose these two tracks as the most catchy songs and kicked our boredom in this album.  A blend of thrash and technical riffs in vulgar could be heard in these two songs. These two songs also we consider as the success of their experiment. ' Dragons of Emptiness ' attempt to continue a previous concept and we are happy because the song is made more dynamic and fresh.   The ending theme entitled ' Humiliated and Insulted ' is an insatiable pleasure because maybe we felt that this song as a conclusion of this album. Have the monsters composition in concocted a tempo and rhythm, but also have an interest to keep intense to play many rhythms in each song and really shows the satisfaction and glory in concocted a concept that really entertaining, simple but hard to forget, and for us it has no disadvantages, but perfect. And that perfection that made us stay awake to hear it over and over again.

Track List:
1.     Venustus Caedes
2.     Secondary
3.     Initial
4.     She Smells Death
5.     Panacea    
6.     Dragons of Emptiness
7.     Humiliated and Insulted    

Polina Berezko - Vocal
Aleksandr Klaptsov - Guitars
Andrey Andreev - Bass
Vladimir Lyashkov - Drums
P.O. Box 1548
400120 Volgograd
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