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INDECENT EXCISION published a song taken from their upcoming album ' Aberation '

This is the time that we really wait, because can hear the taste of first atrocities by 'Indecent Excision ' in a song called ' Icons Of Perversity ' which was recently published by the label ' Permeated Records ' which taken from the second full length album titled ' Aberration ' which will be released as soon as possible this year.  The Album was recorded, mixed and mastered at 16th Cellar Studio in Rome. While the artwork, done by 'Toshihiro Egawa '. 

After the arrival of two new members named ' Giancarlo Mendo (Bass) and Alessandro Venders Santilli (drums) ', We feel that their musicality, bring the violent rhythms of the brutal composition and slam increases the dynamic, catchy and very harmonious. After hearing a song that they published titled ' Icons Of Perversity ', We have a desire for looking forward to this album, Because we found a new passion of brutality of them which more presentable, varied, intense and grooved. 

'Icons Of Perversity' is a brutal composition that has many variations of rhythm so that dynamic and harmonious in a sleeve of cruelty that really slapping and spanking the desire to remain faithful to the rhythm of the savage.

Line up 2014
Matteo Bazzanella (Vocals)
Hannes Gamper (Guitar)
Alessandro Venders Santilli (Drums)
Giancarlo Mendo (Bass)
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