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INFERNAL AWAKENING - Enlightened by Lucifer's Flame (Ep 2014) * Review

We were really disappointed because being too late to know and hear this album, supposedly, we could hear it and writing it in April when it was released. Enlightened by Lucifer's Flame is an ep which released by the band which located in Arizona, USA called ' Infernal Awakening '. The black riffs that they played, really quench our thirst against the eternity of scents that grim, cruel and dark. Providing Synth as the background of all the rhythm that they play on every song, increase turmoil and horny always to approach the darkness. Not to mention the drum beats which blasphemy and varied, with balanced in play the tempo and riffs of death metal and black metal, increasingly making desire to go back into the dark dimension and do not want to return.

Have a long duration in each song, is the thing that really we are looking for at this album, full satisfaction and actually seducing the eyes to closed for a moment to enjoy the black aura that they provide on this album. Staggered as fascinated listened the black riffs and feel the dark scents that they provide, it's time we started to enter the gate of silence at the opening tones of a song called ' Enlightened by Lucifer's Flame '. This song has really come to spew out the scent of cruelty, darkness and really sting the bleakness. The song is really amazing at once as the opening ritual that really invites blasphemy and incitement to stand between the moodiness and inhumanity.

Increasingly inside we feel the scent of the violence, brutality, bleak, and a touch of catchy melodies, increasingly unwilling to miss per second of the riffs that they play. The King ov Hell Has Arrived more blasphemous, cruel and merciless.   The most different song among other songs if seen from a lot of tempo that they play, also many murky and dark is produced in this song.  Necromica  is almost the same with the concept that they gave in the first track, but this song is lighter and catchy.  The Baphomet ov Mendes  invites all our hope on the black album, which really gives a sense of full black scent at once catchy riffs with the touch of fluffy synth that touches the soul.   For us, this is really memorable and it's hard to escape the bondage of black that they provide.

This Album is closed by the roar and screams from a mirage of eternal who actually touched the darkness of soul with memorable riffs and hard to forget it, on the song called ' Transcending to Shadows .  We particularly liked the final tone in this song.  It really touched the soul and truly defines the silence and melodic touch gave by the guitarist , is really soothing.

Enlightened by Lucifer's Flame  came not only gives you the taste and enjoy the magnificent impression of black rhythms, However, the album was also made available for absorbing and deepen the true essence of the grim shades which honestly, and actually come from an extreme creations that played and created all the aroma of the cruel, blasphemy and eternal darkness . Really Impressive.

Track List:
1.     Enlightened by Lucifer's Flame
2.     The King ov Hell Has Arrived    
3.     Necromica
4.     The Baphomet ov Mendes
5.     Transcending to Shadows 

 Tempest - Guitar/ Vocals
Obsidian - Bass
Amdusias - Synth/Orchestrations
Anchalagon - Drums

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