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MADROST - Into the Aquatic Sector (2014) * Review

We do not want to pass anything for the harmony of Madrost , in the summaries of the Death Thrash with full of energetic, aggressive and fast, in their second full length album that will be released on September 23, 2014.   The Album entitled Into the Aquatic Sector  is ready to excite your ears with Eight tracks including an instrumental called  The Unknown .   For us,  Into the Aquatic Sector  is Greater perfection, because besides being able to enjoy the balance and accuracy of death and thrash riffs, It also meets our needs of the absolute fury which they provide.  They also tried some speed metal riffs are accurate on this album, and overall, appeared define the concept of the power of old school.  And the most important is the album as a whole to headbang and to excite the anger all at once for entertaining . 

Madrost was formed in 2007 in California, and have the musicality and high musical vision. It is appear from their potion that dynamic and beautiful between death and thrash riffs and more perfect because they make the music on this album is grooved ,catchy and provided for the connoisseurs of death and thrash metal.   This perfection coupled with the harmonics of giving the melodies that blend with all the rhythm and the tempo that they play.   Songs like Frozen Beneath the Snow and Universal Energy , not only opens the album with a sense of anger that culminated in the brain, However, as such forced us to gather the overflow of our emotions that ready to be vomited on a song called  Operation: Xenomorphic Protocol .   This Album actually has any coherent for the rhythm and tempo in each song.   This is really cool.

But you also get seduced and helpless to accept the beauty when the acoustic tone started on the song called  The Oceanic Prelude .   Although it was a bit of shut your anger for a moment, It does not mean your anger shall no more come.  Into the Aquatic Sector  and Depravity ' answer your anxiety about it.   We thought, showing the catchy riff and dynamic is the hope of all metal head who loves the thrash and death metal in General, but this album will solidify of your emotional with more gives the old school thrash riffs. 

 Into the Aquatic Sector ' is a wad of rage that compulsory you spew out first,  before getting more of emotional collisions  that ready to be your weapon in oppressing and killing your nightmare.

Track list
1.     The Unknown   
2.     Frozen Beneath the Snow
3.     Universal Energy   
4.     Operation: Xenomorphic Protocol
5.     The Oceanic Prelude
6.     Subterranean Nightmare
7.     Into the Aquatic Sector
8.     Depravity

Tanner Poppitt: Vocals/Guitar
Alejandro Pelaez: Guitar
Richard Orellana- Bass
Cesar Escobar: Drums

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