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MIND SNARE - Ancients Cults Supremacy (2014) * Review

Do not say you do not like this!!!. We are completely satisfied and enjoy the original elements from the purity of the Brutal death metal from band that already have a strong spirit and vision to spread the violence and hatred, since 25 years ago called ' Mind Snare '.   Anesthetized and dwell, hear their stings in the fourth full length album entitled ' Ancient Cults Supremacy ' which will be released by ' The Spew Records (a division of Punishment 18 Records) ' next September.   Do not ever wanted the modern sound of brutal death or machine on this album, but dig deeper, and you can feel the roots of the pure brutal death which really sow the wound from the old pangs that really sorely missed its return.

This Album had a momentum at the beginning of the album through songs entitled ' Drainig Faith ' , 'Entrenched in Agony ' and ' Decadent Bearer of All Disease ', come bring the scent of full atrocities and the rawness of harmonization of Brutal Death Metal.   ' Smugled in the Underworld ' is a song that really tore the ear with the force of the original essence of the old brutal death.   We continue to complacent with the classical brutal death riffs, especially when presented with a song called 'Shatter Of Morality'.

Mind Snare consistent to play the tempo and rhythm that really come from brutal death metal civilization of the 90s.   The brutal riffs that raw and rough, deep growl and guttural vocal character and sometimes scream is great satisfaction which we enjoy in this album. Impressive and totally vent our longing to the brutal rhythms like this.  We went back to hear the immortal touch of old brutal death when hearing the next two songs titled 'Deceived Humanity' and 'Mutilated Mutilated Meaning of Life'.   The most catchy songs in this album. Impressive and totally satisfying.

'Unleashed Hate spreading', really close the pangs to encourage a create cruelty again with back repeatedly heard this album continuously. A song that became our favorite after earlier, we chose ' Entrenched in Agony '. A song with a riff that savages and cruel really absolute produced in this song. Not to mention the classic composition that they apply in this song, really basting our memory to remain adhered to this extremist.   The Album entitled 'Ancient Cults Supremacy', for us, is an old pain that comes back to blaspheme and incite all the aroma of the atrocities that had been chained. 

Track List:
1.     Drainig Faith        
2.     Entrenched in Agony        
3.     Decadent Bearer of All Disease        
4.     Smugled in the Underworld        
5.     Shatter of Morality        
6.     Deceived Humanity        
7.     Mutilated Meaning of Life        
8.     Unleashed Hate Spreading 

Chris Benso : Guitars
Sergio Pavinato : Drums
Fabio : Bass
Derek : Vocals 

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