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MISEO - Lunatic Confessions (2014) * Review

We cannot wait any longer to review the album that has a myriad catchy rhythm, entertaining and have the depth strength in bringing the old death metal. The parity to playing death and thrash riffs are summarized in a composition that smells of energetic and aggressive scent is a seduction for us against the album that truly entertains in every song. And we thought, this album is an obligation to enjoy and hear the music that away from the word 'Monotonous' and actually dispose the boredom.

Coming from Germany and newly formed last year, MISEO such as have been having five albums. Because really has established themselves as a recipient of metal music with bold concocted a concept that really catchy, characteristic, mature, have a scent for entertaining and absolutely provided for listeners of death metal who wanted rhythms to headbang.  But you have to remember this great album and noted in the list of albums that you would like to buy on this coming September, because this album will be released on 3rd of September through the label Blacksmith Records.

Great satisfaction for us to hear a touch of death metal is grooved, neat and really make the aroma of deep anger in every rhythm that they play.  It did not escape of their cleverness, inserts the old school beats in a few songs that we could find on songs entitled Daddy's Girl, Ueberzucht und Untergang, or Everybody's Victim.   But if we want to dig deeper the concept of their music, If seen from the balance of rhythm groove between thrash and American Death metal style, We could hear it almost in all songs.  But the most notable are songs like Greed Kills, Skin Dress, Harlots for God, Five Star Doc and Ingrate Deadbeat. These songs really stimulate the body to sway and head to headbang.   This is perfect and highly desirable.

In concocted the musical, MISEO also paying attention to aspects of the dynamics and harmony in every rhythm that they play, it makes each song on this album, actually produce shades of anger, cruel, brutal and occasionally dark. Songs like  Lunatic Confessions  and No Guts No Glory  including an intrumental entitled  Trapped In Veil, prove it.   It is difficult for us to dislike this album, and too stupid for us to determine only one song that became a favorite.  We are glad if all the songs is mainstay or our favorite.

This is their debut album, entitled Lunatic Confession, althought this is a debut album, however the album was able to spread the greatness aroma of the rhythm that they play and one hundred percent is very entertaining. For us, Lunatic Confession was a liability and an insatiable pleasure to hear the catchy strains that totally encased in mature, neat and totally undefined. Hear their music, like being among the Headbangers, full of aggressive, energetic and full of the totality of the excitement.

Track List:
1.     Trapped in Veil        
2.     Daddy's Girl        
3.     Greed Kills        
4.     Lunatic Confessions        
5.     Skin Dress        
6.     Ueberzucht und Untergang        
7.     Harlots for God        
8.     Everybody's Victim        
9.     No Guts No Glory        
10.     Five Star Doc        
11.     Ingrate Deadbeat 

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