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NUKLEAR FROST - Subjugation (2014) * Review

Really spew hatred and suffering, enchained all black illusion becomes a ritual ornament that perennial , still thinking about blasphemy and incitement to those who are deified, without forgetting the purity that comes from a reluctance to play the black tones that complicated, simple but perfect to spew out the rhythm that incite, touching and kill the soul.   Summarized in one package of black music that really comfortable in the ears, really felt and touch in heart, and the main thing is our success enters an atmosphere of musicality that full of occult black , which unintentionally always incite our ears to hear it over and over again. 

The darkness and anger are really we have found and feel in the debut album of Nuklear Frost  entitled Subjugation.  Seven songs, including an instrumental titled Uranium Censers really touched the aroma of gloom and rebellion.  Their music on this album consists of simple black riffs, yet very instigating our ears to hear it constantly, because the character of black metal music of them, really explore the darkness and abomination.   Performing with the old school concept and pure black metal with a touch of catchy in each rhythm, add a different enjoyment for we feel. It is absolute perfection and opens the gate to the black imagination.

Through an instrument that they publish on this album, there was a sycophancy and an occultism that causes a sense of our curiosity about the black musical concept of them overall.   And would like it to be joined into a ritual of hatred that they create. Especially when heard the songs entitled Theist Holocaust, In the Name of Nothing and Vortex Of Horor.   These songs are full of the depth of the hatred that blackened the relentless, aggressive, uncompromising creates all shades of darkness and actually spreading the scream of anger in our ears.  Really cool. 

Nuklear Frost is the black metal band from Minnesota, USA was formed ten years ago and actually managed to put themselves as a devotee and black metal lovers, cleverly give all shades of hatred and darkness that really touched the soul and make sense of the scary from the tremolo picking that they play. Not to mention hearing the vocal character that actually inciting the suffering, increasingly make always approaching and did not want to shy away from black metal riffs that they provide.

Songs titled Charnel Ditch , The Failure of Altruism and Become Death increasingly frightening and increasingly entered the center of hatred and darkness.  We feel the aroma of wrath also peaked in these songs.   We chose the last song entitled ' Become Death ' as the most touching rites of mind and soul on this album.

The Album entitled Subjugation  is one of those albums that really comes to Earth with give a dedication to revolt and suffering of conscience that occasional bridled by shackles and crucified.  Through a simple concept, it is capable of completing a phase and rituals that really should be carried out as the demands of the purity of black metal.

Track List
1.     Uranium Censer / instrumental
2.     Theist Holocaust
3.     In the Name of Nothing
4.     Vortex of Horror
5.     Charnel Ditch
6.     The Failure of Altruism
7.     Become Death 

Line up 2014
M     Bass, Vocals
D     Drums
J     Guitars, Vocals

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