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PYRE reveal a new single ' Merciless Disease' from their forthcoming album, will come this year.

Deathmetal from Russia,  PYRE , recently released a new single entitled  Merciless Disease , taken from their next album, entitled  Human Hecatomb,  which expected to be out in September this year, through label 'Chaos Records.

A song which they have published recently is evidence of their consistency , embraced a rawness of old school death metal with a fixed focus retains a touch of rough and really deepen the essence of darkness and the old sense of death metal. 

Hear the song entitled Merciless Disease for us, like accepting the rawness and authenticity of their roughness who mercilessly give the all taste of the struggle of the old civilization which really sting the aroma of eternal darkness and aggressiveness in interpret the early death metal structure. 

PYRE was formed in the year of 2011 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. And have been really spread the rawness of their old death metal, since released an Ep entitled ' Ravenous Decease in 2011 and share songs with ' Entrapment ' in a split album released by ' Soulseller Records' in 2013.

Line up 
Dym Nox - vocal / bass
Roman Rotten - guitars
Fred Obsinner - guitars
Kannib Maledik - drums

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