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SANGUS - Saevitia ( EP 2014 ) * Review

They seemed really not satisfied gives a meaning of hatred which really enchained the honesty in constructing the composition that truly blasphemous the brutality, outrage, and full expression of the dark and cruel in their last demo entitled Vengeful Brutality or Rehearsal Demos MMXIII.   This is the second time, we review their album, and this time, it came to us through a dark hole which containing a blasphemy and incitement that readies to lug our souls to fixed interpret a courage in reaching the honesty which restrained.   Saevitia presents the collection of tone which cruel through an extreme package of full expression of anger which really scratch the skin and kill the inner.  Sangus has released this Ep last July, and we were amazed and thrilled to welcome all the anxiety and suffering, which are summarized in a blend of aromas from the honesty of the cruelty in playing the rhythm of crust, give a contemplation that looks increasingly gloomy and morose when they play black riffs, and full expression of anger is getting slapped the face and ears, when they voiced the thumps of thrash riffs in every rhythm that they play. And this is really full of aggressiveness.

A song called Saevitia opening all the rage which really we find from this album, With full thumps of restiveness that they pour in a dish of the purity of black metal with full aroma of crust that dense and tight.   While the second song entitled  Nati da Vulkani  really looks catchy because there is a balance of rhythm which for us was wonderful.  Sangus  managed to make variations in this song, many nuances resulting from this song. The rhythm of old school thrash, crush and black ,increasingly harmonious in this song.

Strega not only gives honesty of the anger and suffering of the soul, but it was also really evokes a desire to hear black metal as a whole, dynamic and totally blasphemous. Raw vocal character, drum beats that really blasphemy, and guitar riffs that really tempting ears to interpret the depth of the impression of the touch of black metal that they provide.  Live to kill  is a song that challenges and spur the adrenaline to go back find shades of anger. This is the best song for us, besides still could feel the thump of cruelty and full of anger of them, we can also feel their dynamics in binding the element of crust, black and thrash overall, and we can only hear in this song.

Saevitia  is better than Vengeful Brutality , because we can feel the atmosphere of anger which culminated in this album, and when talking about the concept of the music on this album,  Saevitia more dynamic, denser and cruel. Hear  Saevitia , like was preparing a ritual that readies to release the soul which unbridled of indignation, barbarity, and the cruelty, towards a stage of contemplation that frees of the grip of suffering.

Track List:
1.     Saevitia
2.     Nati da Vulcani
3.     Strega
4.     Live to Kill
5.     Ossos: SSS

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