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SATHANAS give the sample song titled ' Oath of Witchery ' from their upcoming album, which will be released through 'Doomentia Records'.

As we wait together, 'Sathanas', Black metal with a touch of strength on the rhythm of thrash and death with the most flavorful of old school, will blacken this year through their ninth Studio album entitled Worship The Devil, which planned to be released in October this year through the label ' Doomantia Records '.  This Album should be expected and compulsory at hearings by the devotees of black metal/thrash/death in around the world.   This album will be planned to contain eight songs, recorded at Innertube Studios by Nick Kucel, while the art is done by Juanjo Castellano.   Recently, they released a sample song called ' Oath of Witchery ' which can be heard here.

Twenty-six years already, they concocted a musicality that is filled with memorable rhythms that really touched the soul. Their albums have always produced a classic feel, dark, full of anger and blasphemy and has a deep meaning of the devil. And this time, they returned to spread the worship through an album that really expected coming in this year. 

A sample song titled ' Oath of Witchery' is an opening remark that is filled by a strong recognition of the thumps of old school thrash that most obscure and increasingly blacken the consistency of black metal riffs into a deep feature of strong significance to play black and thrash which riveting and balanced , full scent of anger and blasphemy.

 James Strauss :Drums
Paul Tucker :Guitars, Vocals
Bill Davidson: Bass, vocals

389 01 Vodnany
Czech Republic
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