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SEPTYCAL GORGE - Scourge of the Formless Breed (2014) * Review

Powerless because fascinated. Received the puncture of technical and brutal riffs, at once amazed with the harmonization of tempo and rhythm that fused in each song is a reason to unwilling to take off the earphones from ears in enjoying a feeling of elegance of  Septycal Gorge.  Summarizing the concept of technical that sick and brutal, cruel, dynamic and full of tempo grooved that tempts and seduce to continue to want to explore an extreme original package that full of high musicality. Generally, all rhythm or tempo that they play in the third full length album entitled  Scourge of the Formless Breed , really kicking the boredom, far from a simple, not mean complicated to be enjoyed, Instead it poses an incitement to hear it constantly, able to create the riffs which blaspheme and provoking the brain to think, imagine and hypnotized. 

Scourge of the Formless  Breed  will be coming on September 5, 2014, spread nine of the purity of the rebellion, anxiety and inhumanity. Divided into three definition chapter, which called 'Protogenesis', 'Rebellion' and 'Obliteration'.   The Album was also born of hard work retains a strong tradition of brutal death and technical concept that flavorful of cruel, lacerating and full of incitement to fascinate.   The Album opens with the first chapter ' ProtoGenesis ', containing three births are so excruciating and painful.  Appear with the brutal and technical concept that balanced and solid with blast beats are really angry, hitting and stabbing the chest.   Not enough to feel the aroma of the cruel and the wrath of a song titled  Living Torment of the Sleeping God , we batted back and punctured by the harmony and dynamics of riffs that savage and riveting of them on a song titled  Urizen - The Burning Sun  and Slaughter Conceived.

Taken from chapter Rebellion, there are two songs of the most ruthless and touches the soul which consists of two parts which they give the name of  Sons of Enoch  entitled No Spawn No Reign and  Breed of the Rejected signal.   These songs really provoke brutality of other songs such as Anabasis/Paralysis.   This song really stomping and slap of unease and really sprinkled the scent of devilish, as if seeming to unleash the monsters to kill.

This Album is so luxurious as it closed by the third chapter named Obliteration  which shows that the next three tracks are the destroyer of the atrocities that took place before, and if heard from the composition of the tempo that they create, the song titled  Deeds Of Eternity  has a mid tempo that clear, and it only lasts in this song ,   After that, they returned to stab and kill with offer the brutal and technical rhythm that most cruel and aggressive on songs entitled  Coil of Nothingness  and Awakening of the Seven Serpents.

This Album is perfect if heard the composition of technical brutal that balanced and , grooved and actually produce the riffs which painful as well as spreading the scent of suffering, cruelty and inhumanity that needed by the concept of music like this. The Album was also brilliant by giving the groove of lyrics that explain clearly, consisting of stories are bound. The Album was also opulent, if heard of dynamics and harmony in set the tempo and give the impression of curious to hear it over and over. 

Scourge of the Formless Breed brings the madness and genius are maniacs and deep, reveals an essence of suffering, rebellion and substantial victory, by appearing as a new charm from certainty to raise the cruelty and inhumanity that spewed out of the brutal and technical element. 

Track List
Chapter I: Protogenesis
1.     Living Torment of the Sleeping God
2.     Urizen - The Burning Sun
3.     Slaughter Conceived
Chapter II: Rebellion
4.     No Spawn No Reign (Sons of Enoch Pt.1)
5.     Breed of the Rejected (Sons of Enoch Pt.2)
6.     Anabasis/Paralysis
Chapter III: Obliteration
7.     Deeds of Eternity   
8.     Coil of Nothingness
9.     Awakening of the Seven Serpents

Diego Riccobene - Guitar
Mariano "Marius" Soma - Vocals
Marc "Los" Losano - Guitar
Davide "BrutalDave" Billia - Drums

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