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WINTER GATE - DisIllumination (Ep 2014) * Review

We liked this album and tempted to write brief reviews of their debut Ep entitled  DisIllumination because we are in a heightened musicality of the band which born in India six years ago. It contains three tracks, two of which lasted a dozen minutes, had enough of explaining that Winter Gate provide the composition, tempo and rhythm which variables in a song. And automatically, this album provides a lot of flavor when hearing a song, and this is what we want and we are looking for, because this is really throwing away the boredom when hearing a lot of styles of music that they pour it in a song.   We can get the aroma of gloom and the infiltration of soul which depth when hearing the tone by tone that plays the progressive and melodic elements that solid in making a lot of sense. We also can made angry when hearing the strains of thrash though not thoroughly they make on this album. But the main thing that freshens for our ears and enjoyment for us is there is an impression that easily by them constructing the concept that impressed difficult and dense in determining the tempo and produces a lot of nuances, can be defined and offset by their cleverness in insert melody and rhythm. So the songs are on the album really has a strong essence against a dynamic composition, beautiful and touches the soul. It was the piquancy of the infinite for us.

Do not ever find the concept of music that simple and no nuance on this album , even on our site. Because we just heard the album that really give the scent ,that makes us eager to enter the situation and nuance of the album's musicality. ' Beyond The Light '' describes it. An intro which of course opened the gate of desire to go deeper into an area which full of their musicality. The touch of classic, really they give and produce in this intro. 

A Wreath of Mist  is the song which most spew the flavor in this album. Quiet and full of appreciation melodic accompanies the bang of melodic death composition start their opening rhythm. In addition, the balancing of play the thrash riffs in progressive composition also we get into this song. This song also conjures up the impression of an epic that memorable when heard the melodic touches that they provide in this song. Very Impressive.   We also are fascinated, when hearing a vocal character that bleak and full of deepening the soul in all their songs, and as if they really give the intensity of the classics on this album, we strongly agree and support, if they actually implement it on the concept of their music.

An old death metal compositions, they create at the beginning of a welcome tone of the song called ' Death's Embrace . Still have many styles of music, as if the band has not lost control of the concocted the music, fixed thinking and created an unique and produces a lot of nuances in each song. ' DisIllumination ' is a release from the label ' Transcending Obscurity Records ', our great hope in the future, can back to hear their album but to be composed of many of the songs. We actually waited for their full length album.

Track List:
1.  Beyond The Light
2.  A Wreath Of Mist
3.  Death's Embrace

 Sudeep Saxena - Drums
Devashish Dutt - Guitars/Vocals
Krishanu Bora - Guitars
Mandeep Yadav - Bass Guitar

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