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BLACK JESUS - Everything Black Everything Dead (2014)

This is the crotch of early death metal. Old school, aggressive and memorable, enough to thrill the blood and dragging the body into the middle of most pit to headbang and moshing.  The fast riffs and without compromise, really incite a behavior the anger and appearing to kill boredom. Yes, this is the first album by a death metal band from Australia named 'Black Jesus' entitled ' Everything Black Everything Dead '.   Twelve deadly stings really tempting to be heard.   The composition of the entertaining riffs and certainly catchy, simple in giving the tempo of the blend of thrash, death metal, and grind, raped into a summary of the old school, that cool and really impressive. 

All the songs were cries of unrest, rebellion and actually touch the anger. Hear the album continues, increasingly make the adrenaline be toned, and when it felt the thump of their aggressive, as if wants to clutching a weapon.   When heard the early songs of the album, includes an intro called ' For Those About to Die ', anger and adrenaline directly high.   The songs on the album entitled Everything Black Everything Dead, Reek of Crucifixion, and Legacy of Hate really teased the ear with the structure of old school death metal is really thick, grooved and intense. Not only until there, we want to feel the collisions of anger which more vicious away from them, we got it in subsequent songs such as Detonation , Righteous Indignation and Corch the Sky.  We must say that these three songs are the angriest and rebelled songs. Hear these songs, such as preparing a plan to kill. Really express and reveals the veils of the true rebellion.

We're All Zombies Now, Shackled to a Corpse, Thanks for the Enemies and Born in a Tomb are the songs that cause we want to hear it constantly.  Powerless and stimulate to hear the concept of simple but catchy and entertaining, is a more delicacy when hearing this album.   But for us, the main thing is that the album titled ' Everything Black Everything Dead'  offers a consistency of anger that could not be lost and it will be growing steadily while returning to hear this album.

'Everything Black Everything Dead ' is a nadir that was taken from the depths of the old death metal rhythms that really spewing a lot of tone that is absolutely entertaining in giving expressions of outrage and freedom.

Track List
1.     For Those About to Die     / instrumental
2.     Everything Black Everything Dead
3.     Reek of Crucifixion
4.     Legacy of Hate
5.     Detonation
6.     Righteous Indignation
7.     Scorch the Sky
8.     We're All Zombies Now
9.     Shackled to a Corpse
10.     Thanks for the Enemies
11.     Born in a Tomb
12.     A Crimson Vow /  instrumental

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