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BLAST OFF - World Of Lies (Ep 2014) * Review

Tell us, if your head hard to headbang with the songs on this EP, or the anger and energy do not rise up when you finish hear this song, or else, you are difficult to smile heard a musical composition of them. Because we were really prepared ourself to this rebellion, and we are really waiting to hear the four songs which flaming in their second EP entitled ' World Of Lies ' which contains a catchy package that really passionate, entertaining and stimulating head to headbang.

Had harmonization of views, structure and tempo that is neat, simple, grooved and energetic to be heard is an important aspect for us to enjoy this thrash. Excited to hear the songs on this album, came when the thrasher from Spain named ' Blast Off ' published a teaser, and this is direct kicking the saturation, and instantly creates the seeds of rebellion.   And we must say that ' Suspiria Records' have a lethal weapon this year.   And it seems, the label should make it into a full length album in the next time, because we heard the perfection and authenticity in delivering the energy strains of thrash, varied, and filled with great taste in the foreseeable future. We will continue to monitor this horde.  Do not forget, this album will be published October 1, 2014.  Make sure you incitement with the rebellion.

All the songs on this EP really kick the boredom, perform very catchy and powerful in producing nuances of anger is the identity of this album, not to mention the keen lyrics and provoke from them, is a perfection for us to feel the sanctity of thrash metal. Songs titled ' Magnicide ' and ' Blackout ' start this rebellion.   Aggressive, fast and catchy is the first impression which we get from this song, then while hearing the screams of the vocals that really makes this album be perfect through the sting from the anxiety and suffering. Not to mention a given melodic character, very memorable in the ears, very catchy and merges with the collision of tempo and beauty in concocting the rhythm.

Not Intentionally teasing us to sing along is an absolute satisfaction. The next two songs prove it. A little acoustic, first open the tune titled ' Government of Money '. Meanwhile, the memorable structure of melody and tempo, completely anesthetize the mind and keep staring at the album and doesn't want to go far from this song. 'Hunter of Evil' is another rebellion that has the strong essence of thrash metal that really offer the wrath and tempting the head to headbang with the beat of old school thrash which really hit and creates anger that peaked. The last two songs became our favorites.

Though newly formed, but this band has made a great composition in rhythmic of thrash metal. ' World Of Lies ', 100 percent produce anger and rebellion. And for us, after hearing this album, appear in the mind, an imagination that is still remembered until now, like holding a whip for whipping the government official's ass who did not want to hear the voice of the people and would like to make them naked, and dragging their bodies go to the field, while spit on and throw the dung to their bodies .

Imagination of 'World of lies' should be run, not ignored, because this package really inducing an anger, insurrection, freedom and victory. This is the taste which must sting the strains of thrash. And They burn and bombed it in this EP. 

Track List:
1.     Magnicide        
2.     Blackout        
3.     Government of Money        
4.     Hunter of Evil 

Fonso Alonso (Vocals)
Fran Gómez (Guitar)
Dani Zonka (Bass)
Iago Ramilo (Drum)

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