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BURNING NITRUM - Molotov (2014) * review

This is really poisonous. Increasingly deadly. The longer hear the songs in this album increasingly favors and delicious. Outstanding, and deserves given a standing applause.   Have a little bit sting of Bay Area's aroma. Performed with a strong vision in defending the composition of old thrash with catchy riffs which impressive, as well as actually teased the ears to hear it over and over, because their work is great and this album has songs that are exciting, dynamic and harmonious, and has a myriad impressions to entertain and satisfy. 

'Molotov'. The debut full length album of thrasher from Italy, named 'Burning Nitrum', we consider as the greatest album of thrash, which released in this September through 'Punishment18 records'.   Attract our attention, besides play the rhythms that stimulate the ears to hear it over and over again, and of course very impressive, this album is also filled with brilliant melodies, difficult to forget because really comfortable in the ear.   And most importantly, once we feel and listen to the whole song on this album is that ' Burning Nitrum ' coming to open your eyes about the pleasures and delights enjoyed their dishes which really difficult to be removed from memory because really memorable.

Impressed because two intros are played brilliantly titled 'Subversive Nausea' and 'Falling into Slavery'.   Unintentionally teased the liver becomes curious to hear the other songs. ' Remote of Death ' and ' Apocalypse of Pain', answer that anxiety, because these two songs have successfully given the rhythm which tempting the head to headbang, sway and want be in the midst of mosh pit to jump together. Meanwhile, 'High Speed Bangers' appear elegant with acoustic that defuse the anger briefly, but immediately thrusting the stabilized situation with the most different tempo variation among the other songs.

The anger has not stopped up here, and the more confident for punching, mashing and hitting, obviously we feel and really hypnotic the situation of excitement, becomes more frenetic.  ' Slave of Lust ' and ' Sparkling Splatter ' prove it.   Aggressive, intense and full of anger slaps this ear.   Fast riffs that they gave two earlier songs, really back applied in these songs.  Their music or song structure in this album really bang on the curiosity because they really know make albums that are not boring, because we see a dynamic track order, appear to distinguish the circumstances of flavor. They reveal it in an instrument entitled ' Nemesis, The Death Star '.   Lasts a long time, enough to adore their elegance in conceptualizing the music which truly entertaining and have a lot of flavors to be enjoyed. Really cool. The last song really proves their high musicality. ' Turned to Ashes (Nothing Stands Still) ', the song is actually the culmination of their struggle to encapsulate the concept of elegant thrash and very entertaining.   This song is very wonderful and really delicious.

Too stupid for us to choose just one favorite song in this album. All songs on this album for us is above the word ' perfect '.   This is elegant, at once actually making thrash, not a music that only produces anger, but more than that, we feel a lot of delicacy taste of rhythm and the beauty tempo composition and melody which they offer on this album. ' Molotov ', besides to blowing up the anger, and silence the boredom, also present giving beautiful panoramic of Thrash.   Every enchanting song, every rhythm stimulates the ears to hear it, not saturated, every cry of them divides many flavors to be enjoyed, and every melody and tempo which they play, really killed any doubts and ensure that they carry the absolute taste of catchy , at once entertaining and 100 percent is very satisfying.

Track List
1.     Subversive Nausea (Intro)
2.     Remote of Death 
3.     Apocalypse of Pain    
4.     High Speed Bangers
5.     Lying Until the End 
6.     Falling into Slavery (Intro)
7.     Slave of Lust 
8.     Sparkling Splatter    
9.     Nemesis, the Death Star (Instrumental)
10.     Turned to Ashes (Nothing Stands Still) 

Dave Cillo - Vocals
Walter Lanotte - Guitar
Francesco Vivarelli - Guitar
Angelo Fiore - Bass
Dario D'Ambrosio - Drums

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