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DESECRAVITY publish an official music video from their upcoming Album ' Orphic Signs'

The first day of this week, we directly bombarded by the compositions of brutal technical monster from Japanese death metal 'Desecravity', through their first touch entitled 'Bloody Terpsichorean Art' which is taken from their upcoming second full length album which will come through the label 'Willowtip records', on November 15th, 2014.   And the label has opened a preorder on their site.   This is the most awaited news, especially for the technical brutal death maniacs, because Desecravity is ready to provide the charm and thrill of a vicious, vulgar technical, fast and kill, in eight songs that are most kill since their first release 'Implicit Obedience', two years ago.

We were amazed because can hear their first taste of technical through a song called ' Bloody Terpsichorean Art '.   It's more of a wonderful. This is brilliant, intense and very accurate to stimulate the ears through the composition of brutal technical monsters which grooved, dynamic, entertaining and for us, it's very catchy.   You also get to hear and see their video here. 

'Bloody Terpsichorean Art', comes with a complete package of techniqal elements, more brutal than the songs on their first album, and they play the technical brutal riffs are intense and dense, but still very entertaining. We are really maniac for the genre on this one, but when heard this song, we were smiling because this is far from the usual technical concept. It's complicated but simple to be heard because there are many accurate and dynamic cohesion on melodies and rhythms in this song. And we were amazed and sedated, when hearing a composition in the middle part in this song, like not being able to stop briefly the head for headbang. Yes, this song is really inviting us to move around and headbang. Head and body can't be quiet, and this is an attraction for us to hear this song more than 20 times.

Satisfaction finally fulfilled, when touching their music for their second full length album through a new song that recently they publish. And we must say that 'Orphic Signs' indeed ought to be respected, admired and owned by the maniacs of technical death metal worldwide, because besides having elements of extreme music that varies, we believe that the composition of which they bring on their album ' Orphic Signs ' is sensational, incredible and certainly this is brilliant. 

Track List:
 1. Deviltry
2. Bloody Terpsichorean Art
3. Depth Of Misery
4. Pandemonium
5. Black Palingenesis
6. False Oath
7. The Serpent Of Ishtar Gate
8. Stigmata

Line Up 2014
Yuichi Kudo (Drums)
Daisuke Ichiboshi (Bass)
Shogo Tokita (Vocals, Guitars)
250 Mercer Street 2nd Floor
Harmony, Pennsylvania
United States
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