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DOMINHATE - Towards The Light (2014) *Review

Hear four songs at the beginning of this album, spur adrenaline became taut, and when heard the final five tracks, there is a desire to kill.   It is an expression of us when we heard a great work of the band that honestly, we just know them. They are Dominhate, and again, this extreme package came from Italy.   We could feel the concept of old school and modern, balanced and interdependent in every song on this album.   The Album entitled  Towards The Light , a few more days to be released from the Spew Records.   And this would be the most reckoned album , and we presume that Dominhate is a newcomer band who is obliged to you know because this album really doesn't disappoint, besides having the accuracy of played death metal riffs that kicking the boredom, catchy and entertaining, composition of sound and structure of the tempo in every song on this album also brought the classic aroma and memorable.

Very entertaining and interested when hearing bass instrument, played enough prominent on every song, make us a bit to get rid of Suffocation.   Moreover, the pungent aroma of the sound characters that dark and blaspheme, add to the thrill of adrenaline into high and when hearing death metal riffs that decisive and cruel of them, makes our brain difficult to forget it, at once stimulating head to headbang.

Towards the Light, they create it into an intro in the early albums, such as preparing to gather all the strength and energy in preparation for uncovering all the adrenaline that will occurs in this album. The scent of anger and brutal ready to sting the arrival of songs titled The light of the last legion , In the principle the great sleep' and The new wave of domination.   Dark, cruel and painful, but entertaining and catchy are the result of this song.   Have the rhythms that resurrecting adrenaline becomes a beat of anger is another success of this song.  This is really impressive.

Understanding the song titled  First Seed  as the separator between the scent of anger that occurred in the previous three songs become the scent of rebellion in the next five songs are a dazzling cohesion. The arrangements like this, really we would expect, there are differences in the composition and structure of the tempo and spread the scent is different.   Our anger becomes peaked and has been clench into an imagination to kill , while hearing the concept of aggressive, fast and blasphemous on songs entitled The essence of choice, Perception and Obscure the call of salvation.  These songs have never stopped the aroma of anger that was previously provided and this will be the cruelest panoramic that they provide.

Not enough until there, Our ears back torn by the bite of brutal riffs that grooved, Old school, modern and dynamic in the last song titled King without crown .   In tune with the last song entitled ' Redemption of One , this album is really full giving the rhythms of death metal that dynamic and varied.   Appear to combine the modern and old school style in every song, built on a balanced and grooved.   This is increasingly added to the convenience of the ear and brain when being in an album that have memorable taste and high quality.

This is the first album of them, and for us the album entitled Towards The Light is A lighting and explanations of the existence of the modernization of death metal that preceded by strong roots of the early death metal are timeless and will never be forgotten, and this happens, when the concept of the death metal made balanced and aligned , will raise the effect of inciting to hear their works like this, continually.

Track List:
  1. Towards The Light (Intro)
  2. The Light Of The Last Legion
  3. In The Principle The Great Sleep
  4. The New Wave Of Domination
  5. The First Seed
  6. The Essence Of Choice
  7. Perception
  8. Obscure The Call Of Salvation
  9. King Without Crown
  10. Redemption Of One
 Alex - Guitar
Steve - Bass & Vocals
Jesus - Guitar
Slippy - Drum

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