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DYING OUT FLAME - Shiva Rudrastakam (2014) * Review

Amazed because this extreme package is different and rarely found.   And we do not want to equate their music with other bands, they have their own portion and character.   Really do not want to miss enjoying their musical composition because every riff that they play really deep and had a lot of nuances that must be felt and enjoyed.  A powerful epic come from Nepal, by a band called ' Dying Out Flame', this is really beyond our alleged because they have an unique music composition, and we just found out this band, since label 'Xtreem Music ' released their debut album titled ' Shiva Rudrastakam' August ago.

Heard and remembering the harmony in combining classical India musical instruments into the concoction of brutal death that cruel, savage and blasphemous is a memory that must be maintained and never want to delete it, because this band is capable giving an imagination in each song or rhythm which they give on the album.   We very much agree that Dying Out Flame is an unique band, but their album titled ' Shiva Rudrastakam ' came not only provide uniqueness in a musical identity and composition, but wider and brilliant ,promises an imagination of stories that touches, literature and a strong Hindu culture. It's really cool and reminiscent.

This is the first time we touched their music and a little stunned when they apply the female vocal character in the opening song titled ' Praise of the Omnipresent One ',this is really catching our attention and made more curious to hear this album as a whole.  While the next song titled ' Shiva Rudrastakam ' and ' Eternal Mother of Great Time ', then sounded a savage of the concoction of the harmony death metal concept that is really delicious, solid and dynamic come from the application of many styles of music. We could hear the brutal, Technical, thrash, Progressive, Black and doom. And even we heard them all only in a song. This is absolutely brilliant and a genius. Their music is really varied.

While we were still hungry to hear the composition which cruel and variations of them, ' Vayuputra ' and ' Maisasura Maridini ' coming as a monster.  Provide the brutal riff that kills, painfully and mercilessly, instigating the ears to hear the drum beats, guitar rhythms and Growl vocals that really bite unexpectedly.  These songs really slaps and mashing the face.   'Trinetra Dhari (Three Eyed One) ' is a form of musical compositions of the most varied on this album, as well as being a beautiful and catchy song at the end of this album. 

'Shiva Rudrastakam' contains six songs that impressive, incredible, varied, and magnificent. And this album is more perfect, because every song has a long duration except the first song. This album also creates a new phenomenon, because the beast composition of death metal of them juxtaposed against a background of India's instrument turned out to be the magnificent dish. The Album is also dynamic and varied, because they concocted many styles of music in one song, and it is a satisfaction and glory.

'Shiva Rudrastakam' for us, giving new sense and really attracting attention because different to the other band's music composition. And this album truly promising an imagination of epic that strong and had a maturity in summarize of varied composition in every song. Regardless of this newly-formed band, but the concept that they do on the album showed a great skill. Catchy and memorable is very easily felt in this album. And an exciting for us looking forward to their arrival in Indonesia and Europe.

Track List
1.     Praise of the Omnipresent One
2.     Shiva Rudrastakam
3.     Eternal Mother of Great Time    
4.     Vayuputra
5.     Maisasura Maridini
6.     Trinetra Dhari (Three Eyed One)

Aabeg gautam – vocals/ bass
Prachanda amatya- drums
Saujanya pahadi- guitars
Bikalpa choudhary –guitars
Nakchu gurung – female vocals

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