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EMBLAZONED - Eucharistiae Sacramentum (2014) * Review

Allowing our anger vomiting and unfolds, when hearing the eight curses that they gave in the first full length album titled Eucharistiae Sacramentum, is not enough.  But allowing the spirit out of the body, maybe the right expression when hearing this album.  We get many tastes of the infliction of this band, in summarizing an extreme package that accentuates the essence of the power of black and Death.   Emblazoned really show off clearly and balanced against the cohesion of the clash between death and black riffs.   There is no tone which not flavorful dark in this album, and there is no tempo or beats that do not blaspheme in this album. This is cool, and totally seductive the desire to get the nightmares.

We batted, pounded at once raped by the excitation of black and death riffs which directly blaspheming in the early songs in this album. 'Malefic Congregation ', 'Heathenist Structure ' and ' 'Fatherless Predecessor, came bringing a curse that must be disclosed on the album, proper and direct our attention. The Deceiver and Perdition, as if will not efface the blasphemy that they gave in the previous song. ' Perdition ' appear more harmonic and memorable compared to other songs on the album. The song shows a panorama of the darkness that little by little started to erode into an elegance of fury, and essence of dingy shades which really clear given in this song. 

Back brutally and blasphemy, mercilessly they show us the songs entitled 'Wolven Shroud' and 'Iniquitous'.   These songs are intense, dominated by aromas of black , remained in a situation of catchy and occasionally apply death metal riffs to headbang. ' Iniquitous ' has the longest duration between the other songs on this album. Hoping anxiously await the ending theme in the album, and would like to hear the power of scent is more blasphemous and dark again of them, finally sated, when hearing a solid concept and riveting that only we get into this song. The last song entitled ' Divine Delusion ', not just as a proof of the consistency of play real black and death, but it also invites the mind to imagine such walking away, skirting the dark hallway towards another nature that is daunting and bearing the sin that already cannot be forgiven again.   Our favorite song and really memorable.

'Eucharistiae Sacramentum' is the perfect album, which give aroma of dark and bleak. The album also included the albums that we want because it has the concept of brutal, pure black metal and death metal which more blasphemous . Eucharistiae Sacramentum ' for us, like receiving the punishment has given by divine, because of sin and wrongdoing in the world, fear and terrible. We also imagine that this album is an incitement coming from black magic who unwittingly and forced to we had to accept the curses that come from the pit of hell.

Track List
1. Malefic Congregation
2. Heathenist Structure
3. Fatherless Predecessor
4. The Deceiver
5. Perdition
6. Wolven Shroud
7. Iniquitous
8. Divine Delusion

line up 2014
Kevin Forsythe - Guitars
Alex "Pulverizer" Pulvermacher - Drums
Jeff Plewa - Vocals
A.J. Lewåndøwski - Bass

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North Quincy, Massachusetts 02171-0002
United States
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