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EMETH - Aethyr (2014) * Review

We do not want to miss in welcoming the coming of the sensation of technical death metal that readies to pamper our ears with technical riffs that assertive, neat and full scent of anger.   This time, wishes come true, when heard the whole of the ten songs that are full of inhumanity in their fourth full length album entitled Aethyr .   Aethyr will be released by label Xtreem Music ,  a few more days.   An unforgettable slap, of course we hear from Emeth which this time makes the concept of more dynamic, and varied.   The combination of technical and Brutal riffs of them, it must be admitted, is a top-class work.  Proportion of applying a beautiful melody, blend with the rhythm as well as blasphemous, in each song is one most thing we were looking at this album.  And this was done without any problems and increasingly tempted to hear each song on the album so want to keep accompanied with the rhythm that cruel and fierce of them.

Getting to the last songs on the album, we increasingly be lulled and bowled.   This is a success in our opinion. Never boring and perfect gives the strong aroma from the concept of technical death metal i.e., anger and graciousness.   A painful slap, there is in the early songs titled I Became Flesh and Dwelleth Amongst Thee , Exterminate the Vacillating and Aethyr.   These three songs are really directly stomping, with the cohesion of brutally and techniques that solid, these songs were actually preparing the anger and make the face became red.

The peak of anger, We send it on the next two songs titled Der Einsam Wandler and Suffering Comes With Thy Name.   These songs really make a fist of anger that already cannot shackled again and making the eagerness to keep angry.   There are two tracks that we think is the most brilliant song that they make the album entitled Eidolons of Ash and The Hour of the Great Contempt , these songs really merciless shows the technical death metal concept that vulgar.

It's not hard to hear this album, because we assume, this time, Emeth is indeed more focus creates a more dynamic technical groove, varied, convenient be heard without there is any impression to play the tempo that hard to receive in the ear.   Aethyr  indeed consists of rhythms which incite and make you sit speechless to hear it repeatedly.   You also will not always presented the scent of anger in every their song, but you also could be sedated with implementation of tempos and style of music that varies and it can be heard on the last three songs that have the most different tempos between other songs entitled 'Wrath Upon the Cursed', an intro entitled 'Lama Sabachtani' and Serpents Walk as if Human .

We were still hungry with the scent of anger that defined, by searching and exploring the song by song in this album. And this album is a flavoring and connoisseur of the anxiety and anger that readies to vomit up and disseminate.   For us, ' Aethyr ' is a collectivity of anger that really revealed and cannot be dammed again, come to spread the elegance, gripping all volition to rebel, and torturing all doubts.

Track List:
01. I Became Flesh and Dwelleth Amongst Thee
02. Exterminate the Vacillating
03. Aethyr
04. Der Einsam Wandler
05. Suffering Comes with thy Name
06. Eidolons of Ash
07. The Hour of the Great Contempt
08. Wrath Upon the Cursed
09. Lama Sabachtani
10. Serpents Walk as if Human

 Line Up 2014
Matty Dupont : Guitars
Pat Dejonge : Bass
Nico Veroeven : Drums
Alan Rawson : Guitars
Boris Cornelissen : Vocals

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