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HIDEOUS DIVINITY publish a new song, taken From their Upcoming Album ' Cobra Verde '

The other rumblings are coming. This time, Hideous Divinity is ready with their second full length album entitled  Cobra Verde  that will come through the label Unique Leader Records ' on 27th October (UK), 28th October (US) and 31st October (EU).   The Album contains nine songs, including a song called The Last and Only Son (Ripping Corpse cover) '.   Cobra Verde was recorded at 16th Cellar Studios (House Of Penance, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Trifixion, Vomit The Soul et al) in early 2014 and, in keeping with the tradition laid by their monster debut, Obeisance Rising, revolves itself around a movie concept. 

The following comment from the band, regarding their album, which we quoted from Unique Leader Records  : “Cobra Verde is no ordinary album. We entered Stefano ‘Saul’ Morabito’s 16th Cellar Studios for the second time, knowing we could get the best only going to the best. We pushed Saul and he did the same with us: we struggled, argued, started from scratch numerous times. The result was hard to reach, but in the end no one could say anything but, ‘THIS is it.’ Drums and vocals were entirely performed and recorded in the studio, while guitars were pre-recorded and reamped by Saul using a combination of Peavey Triple XXX and Mesa Dual Rectifier. Bass was also pre-recorded and re-amped. Prepare for the slavery of the human heart.”

A New song, recently they published entitled Sinister and Demented and you can listen here. 

Full of madness in raping the brutal riffs that filled with the scent of anger and torture, a song called  Sinister and Demented is a new lunacy of them that ready to sting and lash, at the same time nailing woes. Performed by applying tempos that varied, dense and thick, rhythmic melodies that really bite the ears and cranium and as well as the skeleton of catchy riffs that always they ripped and sliced. 

The song titled Sinister and Demented is a beginning of the therapy of madness, that appearing as a tranquilizer and a wound medicament of misery which really needed currently. 

Track list
1.     In My Land I Was a Snake        
2.     The Somber Empire        
3.     Cobra Verde        
4.     Salt in Martyr's Tear        
5.     Sinister and Demented        
6.     Desolation Within        
7.     Alonest of the Alone        
8.     Adjinakou        
9.     The Last and Only Son (Ripping Corpse cover) 

Line up 2014
Enrico "H." Di Lorenzo: Vocals
Enrico Schettino :Guitars
Giulio Galati : Drums
Stefano Franceschini : Bass
Antonio Poletti : Guitars 

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