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INFERION official publish their third full length album ' This Will Decay ' on October 21, 2014 and give a new song

The mist of darkness really embezzling this month, because 'Inferion' will proclaim the sigh of eternal darkness through their third full length album entitled ' This Will Decay ', will be released by the label ' Horror Pain Gore Death Productions ' exactly on October 21, 2014.   Released on CD and digital format, and the label has opened the pre-order on their site.

This deep darkness is incredibly affection for skipped and avoided, because 'Inferion ' would mislead the 14 cruel and dark curses in this album, more than their previous two albums.   And recently, they provide a grief that will never be forgotten through the riffs that are painful and the creator of darkness entitled ' Lament ' is taken from the tenth track, and you can listen here. 

Hear the tremolo picking which they play in the song, it feels like want to blanketing the body from fear of a nightmare, because it really touched the soul, goose bumps when heard it and really like being in the palace of ethereal that cannot be detected and closed by the thickness of the dark fog. 

This song so perfectly offers the holy black metal concept with intense offers the aroma of dark and morose, not to mention the catchy drum beats at the same time inciting the deep blasphemy, wailing vocals that really rip off the skin and burning the situation is a toughness of this song. ' Lament ' instigating and stimulating for obliging to hearing ' This Will Decay ' before dying in the months ahead.

Track List
1.     This Will Decay        
2.     Carrion for the Scavengers        
3.     Contempt        
4.     Tempted by Failure        
5.     Embers        
6.     Directionless        
7.     Until the Sun Consumes Us        
8.     Further from the Light        
9.     The Serpent in the Valley        
10.     Lament        
11.     Aftermath of Destruction        
12.     When Bones Meet Corrosion        
13.     A Hell to Endure        
14.     Unrestrained

 Nick Reyes-Guitars,Vocals,
Frank Gross- Bass,Vocals
Carlos Delgado-Drums

 3346 Princeton Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
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