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ORDOXE - Beyond Mankind (2014) * Review

We think and assume, that the fourth full length album entitled Beyond Mankind  from The Black metal band of Canada  Ordoxe , indeed shows their intact character.   In other words, this album was Ordoxe's Rules.   Manipulate the thrash riffs and melodic becomes an offering of gloomy and dark.  Surely, this is a pleasure for us to be able to explore the rhythms of them,  which we think 100 percent is catchy.  Retaining the strength of flavor from the purity of black metal that intense and consistent without avoiding any need for music that entertains and gives the extreme scents like outrage, bleakness ,darkness and energetic.  So, the devotee of Black Metal, death Metal and Thrash Metal should hear the incitement from the album of' Beyond Mankind .

Amazed, delighted and satisfied, at once must be conceded that this album was built by harmonization of melodic and atmospheric black riffs that touched the soul, full of inspiration, old school and memorable.  Once again, we are in an atmosphere of high musicality that really incite and seduce the ear for repeatedly heard this album.  The Album entitled  Beyond mankind, perfectly gives the extreme scents like  dismal, dark and at once imagine to brood and blaspheme, angry and sick.  The album also features the beauty of melodic that deep, catchy and entertaining. This Album also produced the aroma of grief that culminated and bold to give the varied tempo.

Ready for holding the anger and accompany the darkness and gloom by rhythms that aggressive, mercilessly and crucify the black melody which beautiful and memorable, spewed out in songs entitled Obsessions, À travers ses yeux and Exiled Archangels.   These songs represent the anger that we need on this album. But more than that, these songs also offer an elegant taste in playing the rhythm of atmospheric which is shown in full by melody that gives a lasting impression and great. 

Lulled and fascinated by riffs of black, melodic and atmospheric clearly and forcefully, they give it in the songs entitled Tel un arbre, Comes Forth the Night and From Chaos Are Born the Stars, goose bumps when heard these songs.   These songs show that Ordoxe really strong to touch the occult on this album, have a great and timeless rhythm at once thinking how to make their listeners, besides entertain, can also get to understand and appreciate the deep meaning of black metal that they profess.

The last three songs was a surprise for us. This is enough reasonable, because we heard the structure and composition are differing with the previous song, but it's not thorough. The songs are titled We Are Vermin, Orion Nebula and Samsara, have the rhythm and music style that varied, passionate and fresh, but still produces the eternal aroma of black metal that is dark, bleak and anger.

No need to think twice or hesitate to hear the quality of this album. This is top-class work, Have all what is needed in heard of Black metal is the main thing for us to want to hear this album continuously.   And for us, by appearing provided many melodies that memorable, harmonious between tempo and rhythm at once catchy, bold give the riffs that energetic, brutally and fast while maintaining the aroma of black, is an insatiable satisfaction at once amazed because it could finally touch the band's musicality is already 25 years old and has become a respected band in Canada today. 

Beyond mankind is present not only as an entertainer for black metal listeners, but came as originator the opulence of harmonization for a black obsession that readies spread the musings and internalized of other dimensions.

Track List:
1.     Obsessions
2.     À travers ses yeux 
3.     Exiled Archangels   
4.     Tel un arbre 
5.     Comes Forth the Night
6.     From Chaos Are Born the Stars
7.     We Are Vermin
8.     Orion Nebula
9.     Samsara 

Jean-François Jalbert : Vocals, Guitars
J-D : Bass
Steve De Cotret : Drums
Samuel Landry : Guitars

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