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VICTIMS OF CONTAGION - Parasitic Unborn (Ep 2014)

Wow. This is a great composition. We are back in a situation of high grade musicality.  This time, a touch of sweet technical, amazement and catchy, we got from a band named ' Victims Of Contagion '.  We get the album entitled ' Parasitic Unborn ' two days ago, and smiled at once fascinated hear a larger composition and complete which they profess.   Tell about this to your friends, even if have to tell this to your uncle, because this album is also polishing the touch of melody and tempo of the jazz music in some parts of the tempo on four songs on this album. And you should know, who respected 'Bobby Koelble (Guitarist of Death, 1995) ' gives a big sense in this album.   So, this recording should be noted and remembered, because this will be issued one week from today.

Open your window as wide-width, turn this album in high volume level, let your neighbors heard their music and how neat and accurate of their skills in summarizing the tempo and technical composition that actually anesthetize a thump of wild progressive into a harmonious package, sweet technical and really throw much hassle to be heard.  But before that, avoid beforehand the albums of Necrophagist, Gorod or Atheist, because they are very complicated to be enjoyed. 'Parasitic unborn' give five songs which ready to stimulate ears, and making the body powerless, because fascinated to enjoy the thump of technical and melody riffs that entertaining and brilliant.

None of the songs on this album, which has the complexity to be heard.  Even being very instigating and forcing to be heard over and over again.  We enjoyed the touch of sweetness from the myriad melody that harmonious and very blend with the rhythm and tempo of each song.  We seemed to get carried away with incitement of the dark and cruel imagination of technical riffs that they play.  We also fell in love with a touch of Jazz music that really shows the beautiful panoramic views and has a memorable impression of this album. The opener sting of brutal and blasphemous, at the same time slapping the face of a fusion technical progressive titled ' Neurohorder' , enough to make the body remains in the seat and unwilling to turn away staring to Gorod's albums.

The next two tracks titled 'Terminal Evolution' and 'A Miscalculation', come bring the other splendor.  Remain to give technical riffs which almost identical to the first track, but these songs are more magnificent because issuing many rhythms that harmonious, dynamic and have the most varied tempos on the album. Variety of tempo does not mean its confusing, but this becomes simple because filled with the rhythms which kicking the boredom and very catchy. 'The Parasitic Unborn' and 'Subservience (Feat.Bobby Koelble)' are different expressions of another. These are very vulgar technical concept, however, because it contains melody riffs and tempo that simple, these songs become deliciously, spur the adrenaline, teasing the head to headbang, and Anæsthetize complexity and indecision.

We were really amazed at once fell in love with the ' Parasitic Unborn ', not mean the technical death genre is our fashion, but more than that, this album is really inviting us to exploration into the depths of true technical death. For us to hear this album likes to consider a pleasure that is never sated, came in soft or rough caressing all the noise into an amazement that will never be lost from memory. 

Track List:
  1. Neurohorder
  2. Terminal Evolution
  3. A Miscalculation
  4. The Parasitic Unborn
  5. Subservience (Feat.Bobby Koelble)
 Chuck Forsythe - Guitar
Jon Haden - Guitar
Mike Rush - Drums/Vocals
Tim Church - Bass
Bob Meister - Vocals

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