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AGHAST - All The Rage (2014) * Review

Do not go everywhere, keep angry and roast the situation with this. We get this anger from London, UK via ' Aghast ' at their debut album entitled ' All The Rage '. Want to find the softness of this album, but never obtained and detected because ' All The Rage ' gives an aggression from Death metal components are perfectly even more than that, the band wrapped up this extreme package with a new passion, new way, unusual but simple to be heard as well as many creates the impression to be heard over and over again. And now we are in that situation to invade.

'All The Rage' had a lot of surprises like a clean vocal character in several songs, growl, as well as scream, melody and harmony of the technical death with touch of core really uncover the identity of the music from this band. Can not wait to hear this album, two opening song entitled ' All The Rage ', ' Hollywood Ending ' as a start this spiciness. Full of anger and appear to be more turbulent, really challenging the adrenaline to hear the next songs. They are also powerful in combining many styles of improvising metal music into a song, Melodic Death, Core, Black and grind, they pulverized with uncompromising, grooved and neat. The next song, entitled ' Afterlife Crisis ' and ' Drop Dead Famous ' are two songs that bring a new flavor and really passionate in inciting other pleasures on this album. 

You don't need to worry if you like to headbang or want to feel the brutal beats from them,  and it looks like the next songs entitle ' Bang To Rights ', ' Its Your Funeral ', ' Look Alive ', and ' Sea Of Trees ' answer your doubts. These songs really blasphemy, time to headbang, and please hover the sharp objects of yourself, because these songs are ready to provoke you to kill your enemy.

While you are preparing a plan to kill when heard that songs, the last three songs titled ' Hells Bells (And Buckets And Blood) ', We Fear Silence ' and ' Noise Pollution ' increasingly strengthen your desire to kill and forget a consequence, because with these songs , the adrenaline and the identity of the band remain awake, and we really appreciate it, so want to listen these songs over and over again, because it can feel the presence of strong anger , honest and aggression of their music.

'All The Rage' contains an Adrenaline stimulant that absolutely mesmerizing, appeared with the full depth of the craze of brutal aggression and, no doubt, this album contains the identity of an extreme brilliant musical cohesion, diverse rhythms and strong, at the same time producing a catchy riff, comforting and assertive in giving a sense of anger, rebellion, painful and kill. ' All The Rage ' ascertained ready collect the wad of your emotion, which chained by time, and now it is time for you to burn it. 

Track List:
1.   Die Laughing
2.   All The Rage
3.   Hollywood Ending
4.  Afterlife Crisis
5.  Drop Dead Famous
6.  Bang To Rights
7.   It's Your Funeral
8.   Look Alive!
9.   Sea of Trees
10. Hells Bells (and Buckets of Blood)
11. We Fear Silence
12. Noise Pollution

Christiaan - Guitars
James - Vocals
Nick - Drums
Daniel - Bass

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