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Let stand your mouth about 30 minutes , open your eyes as wide-width, and ready to receive this huge blow.   It does not matter you like Death or thrash, you will definitely love this.   But if you hate grind, do not ever categorize this band's music to the list of music that you hate, you will loss and regret. They have the thrash riffs, death metal, let alone gore's riveting.   The 20 sluts really excites and fascinates at once ready fingered and stimulate your genitals. This is Fucking Holy. Death grind or Gore is Ok. The most important is that the ' Destructive Explosion of Anal Garland ' have a taste that is very entertaining and had a quick temper and stimulation through high piece of extreme and aggressiveness on their number three album entitled ' Tour De Anal '.

We love music from Anal Blast (RIF), but with the presence of this album, now we turn to the band that coming from Prague, Czech Republic.   It turns out their music is very fresh and give many riff for bang your head. The combination of guttural vocal , Growl, scream and Pig Squeal absolutely delicious they provide, so make their music be impressed very varied. The scent of killing feels in tune when we heard the quality sound is solid and cruel. All songs on this album is catchy, seducing the head to bang and force the hand to punch. 

Songs like 'Promenade In Crap', 'Bamboo Cannon', 'Number One Screw Bitch' and 'Tour De Anal' are songs that fittingly given the word ' Perfect ', the composition of Death Grind by injecting the moans of gore, magnificently can be felt in these songs. Meanwhile the opening album tracks such as ' Sexual Democracy' , 'Rectaro' and 'Insertion' are the satisfiers of our thirst against curiosity to hear the absolute composition of gore that they provide in these songs. Fast riffs, incisive, ruthless and offers aromas of torture, we could feel in songs like ' CircuMCision Schnitzels' , 'Dick Punch' ,'Jacked-Sized Cunt Lick Out' , 'Cock-Kain' , and 'Flatv5's Hand Job'.

When we like to headbang and swaying, all the songs give that, but more aroused, when we hear songs like 'Rectal Gates Security , Ureterakhamun, 'Miss Petra's Farts' , '100%4%' , 'Glans Repurchase' , and 'She Has Hermackerel-Like'.   This Album is more complete teasing the head to headbang because a song from Entombed titled ' Wolverine Blues' , played by great expression and grooved.

'Tour De Anal ' makes the pulse beats fast and mercilessly slicing boredom becomes satisfaction and touches the top of the line of the grandeur.   Heard the 20 booms are indeed not be denied again, if ' DEOAG ' has a passion and fascinates in spewing gore, caught the attention because it's entertaining.

Track List:
1.     Sexual Democracy   
2.     Rectaroo    
3.     Insertion     
4.     Promenade In Crap
5.     Bamboo Cannon    
6.     Number One Screw Bitch
7.     Tour De Anal
8.     CircuMCision Schnitzels
9.     Rectal Gates Security
10.     Ureterakhamun
11.     Dick Punch
12.     Miss Petra's Farts
13.     100%4%
14.     Queer-Lated
15.     Jacked-Sized Cunt Lick Out
16.     Glans Repurchase
17.     Cock-Kain
18.     She Has Hermackerel-Like
19.     Flatv5's Hand Job    
20.     Wolverine Blues (Entombed Cover)      

Maly John : Bass
Burák :Drums
Koloch :Vocals
MrDAN :Guitars

  Anenská Studánka č.55
    56301 Lanškroun, Pardubický kraj
    Czech Republic


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