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HORRIFIED - Descent Into Putridity (2014) * Review

So, Are you ready to welcome the bones of death metal?. Roughly two weeks away, this album will rise, and the ' Momento Mori ' had the everything to you back to an era of old death metal through the classical riffs, aggressive, fast, merciless , spur adrenaline and ready spew your emotion within 30 minutes. Yes, this is music for rebellion and should be disclosed, as well as promising the strains and tempo that simple yet respond to anger quickly, and no doubt will make your face red. Seven of this anger, actually unfolds in a parlente of old death metal played intensively entitled ' Descent into Putridity ' from ' Horrified ', a band formed in Newcastle, United Kingdom.  

'Tomb of Rebirth ' initiates this album with the quiet tempo in the early tone, but can serve as the beginning of norm which rotten that they bring on the next songs. This song, we consider as our favorite song because it's already spread establishment to play the old death metal firmly and clearly. So too with a song called ' Mortally deceased'.   Have the rhythm and tempo that almost the same , does not make this album is monotony, but if you dig deeper, there are differences of nuance that they create. ' Mortally Deceased ' meaner than 'Tomb of Rebirth '. 'Narcolepsy', we call was the most kicking song of mind to imagine and to express. 

When want to hear the song as well as the title of their album titled ' Descend into Putridity ', previously appeared in the mind at the same time there is a sense of anxiety, whether represents the concept of their music that actually strong with the concept of old school death metal. And this curiosity at a standstill, when all the scents are needed for this genre is highly available. We are horny for a quick temper when hearing the guitar riffs that spooky, at the same time beats of the drums really hit the boredom. It was cool and we were satisfied. 

We do not want to just hear the four songs, before we write it into a review. And then also, we back heard this album with more and would like to enter the scents that they create. The scent of dark in a vulgar manner, We get on a song titled ' Buried Among Putrified Flesh ', while a sense of emotion getting up when heard the song ' Veil of Souls', we are absolutely happy and enjoying the vocal character that raw and rough in this song.   'Repugnant Degenaration' is the last track that actually we expect its return. Besides our emotional remains until this song, the composition of guitar riffs that are ruthless, killing and torturing is the last slice that touches the soul and mind. 

'Descend into Putridity ' comes with the long face of death metal vanity.   All the songs give the righteousness and holiness of the early death metal and most incite anger is the presence of skeleton tempo of drum beats that actually nailing the mind, not to want to escape and forget every guitar riffs that they play. ' Descend into Putridity ' prove the simplicity of death metal with a focus on the taste and feel of rumination, dark immortality with resurrect the old civilizations and strengthening the bones of death metal. 

Track List:
 1.     Tomb of Rebirth
2.     Narcolepsy
3.     Mortally Deceased
4.     Descent Into Putridity 
5.     Buried Among Putrified Flesh    
6.     Veil of Souls
7.     Repugnant Degeneration 

Dan Alderson - Guitars/ Vocals
Ross Oliver - Guitars
Dan Hughes - Bass
Matthew Henderson - Drums

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