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This time, we have an important conversation with ' Vermingod ', a death metal band from Greece, who are preparing for their second full length album to be released early next year.  We wish can be realized. The Album entitled ' Whisperer Of The Abysmal Wisdom ', will be proclaimed by the label ' Ungodly Ruins Productions', and we are very excited to be sharing this to you.

As they say, ''We are confident enough to say that we approached a more personal style'. There is a notable improvement in every of its principles; apart from the music itself, a great deal of work was made in the vocals and lyrics as well."

All elements contained in previous albums, will still be performed, coupled with new surprises i.e., a certain technicality embellished with the added element of atmosphere, a darker essence that is culminated with this second album.  Please read the full interview below.

1. An interview is not complete if it does not start with an introduction. Please tell us, in detail, about the formation of Vermingod?

The band was formed back in the summer of 2003 but it wasn't until 2008 that the line-up was stabilized with George, Stathis, Jimmy, Telis and Aris.  In this form, the band rehearsed for a couple of years and eventually released The Grand March to Devastation as well as Symptom Cult two years later, both with a great deal of positive feedback. Another highlight in the band’s career has been the Irish tour which occurred last year, granting us an abundance of new experiences both musical and personal. In the meantime, the band underwent two line-up changes and we are currently on the verge of releasing our sophomore album in high spirits.

2. We heard from your label Ungodly Ruins Productions that your second full-length album entitled Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom and will be released this year, as soon as possible. We would like to know, in which stage is development of this album? When exactly will it be ready?

The album was indeed scheduled to be released within this year but unfortunately, due to some personal difficulties, it got sidetracked. There are still some minor details left to be completed before we send it for mixing. Sometime early next year seems like a realistic date.

3. We have heard your debut album entitled The Grand March to Devastation, and we think it consists of catchy riffs, harmonious, grooves, variety, and has many scents that certainly kick our boredom. We hope these will be repeated in the second full-length album as well, however, we would like to know more about this second album and whether our previous guesswork, that this album will consist of harmonious, dynamic, varied and groovy songs, was true. Will there be another surprise in this album?
Thank you for the kind words. It is true that The Grand March to Devastation was a great mixture of our influences at the time of its writing, and I believe that it stands as a decent debut album to this day. Obviously, the band was searching for its musical identity, something that was achieved with Symptom Cult, an extended play that was released digitally two years ago. With this new album, we are confident enough to say that we approached a more personal style. All the elements that you mentioned, and did characterize our first record will be present, but what’s new is a certain technicality embellished with the added element of atmosphere, a darker essence that is culminated with this second album. I think there is a notable improvement in every of its principles; apart from the music itself, a great deal of work was made in the vocals and lyrics as well.

4. We know that there are additional personnel at the position of bass and drums. Did the influx of Lefteris (bass) and Elias (drums)  bring a major influence on the concept of the music on the upcoming album?

The new members were not really ‘new’ to us as they had been close friends for years, so they adapted perfectly to the band as they were already familiar with its identity and goals. In detail, the approach of the bass guitar has, dare I say, significantly changed, as has the general approach of the instrument in this new album; we worked extensively on the bass lines and how we can make them stand out in the mix. Same goes for the drums as well; Elias induced his own influences and style of playing while staying true to the groovy nature of the riffs albeit with a more modest and aggressive approach.

5. An art for the upcoming album has been published, what is the meaning of this art for you?

The artwork was created by the really talented ADMC07 Artwar with whom we had worked previously on the first album. The inception of the concept is something that ADMC07 alone came up with, based on the music and the lyrics, so I guess the meaning of the artwork can be perceived as a visualization of the sonic part. We tried to form a consistent whole with all its components closely tied to the general feel and vision we had upon creating this album, be it artwork, music or lyrics.

6. Surely, there must be a great desire to play outside Europe. Is touring on your plans after the release of this upcoming second full-length album? If it is, which country you want to visit the first?

As you said, live shows will be our priority after the release of Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom so we have already started preparing. I don’t think there is a part of the world that we would like to visit more than any other; we are still quite fresh in touring, locally or abroad, so we would gladly accept any chance of playing and we are open to any offer or invitation. There is nothing to be announced yet but we hope that’s something temporary.

7. It's our last question concerning the development of the upcoming album, where did the recording take place? Do you have any plans to publish a new track soon, and let us know, how many songs will you publish later?

The recording approach was mostly DIY, with the tracking itself being entirely done at Telis’ home studio. This was a conscious decision; we really wanted to take our time with this album because we believed in the material, so we tried to focus on every single detail. We would not be able to do so if we had to worry about studio hours and money. That being said, the vocal tracking and some overall editing took place in Lubreeka Studio here in Patras, whose staff we trust and the working environment is always great.

The album will consist of eleven songs in total (the song titles can be found in the corresponding announcement on our Facebook page); there are plans of revealing a new song as a foretaste of the album to come prior to its release, but as we are still wrapping it up from the recordings, I feel that it’s too early to give out any specific date, although you can rest assured that it will not take long. Actually, there will also be an extra announcement concerning the release of Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom.

The Track List of 'Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom'.
01. Ungodly Wonders
02. The Vocationist
03. Shades in My Sleep
04. Half a God
05. A Raving Lamentation
06. Whisperer of the Abysmal Wisdom
07. Spread of Pestilence
08. A Stranded Figured Painted Pus
09. Zero Omnipotance
10. Terror Polarity
11. Inheritance of Impious Doctrines

 Aris - Vocals
George - Guitars
Telis - Guitars, backing vocals
Lefteris - Bass
Ilias - Drums

Omsk, Omsk Oblast

^Interview succesful done on the 11st of October, 2014, at 16.30
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