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PYRE - Human Hecatomb (2014) * review

The Rawness will never perish. We spent a lot of time to explore the concept of music from Russia's band named 'Pyre'.   We get a base of their music is Swedish Old school Death metal. But we could also feel the concept of early 90 's death metal in some of the songs from their first full length album entitled ' Human Hecatomb '. Indeed no need to doubt that this is the classical composition, not just one song , but all the songs on this album, so we are happy and glad to feel this collision.

Have a duration is long enough in this genre, does not mean this is saturating, but in fact, hear the songs that they put it at the end of the album increasingly more exciting. It started when hearing a touch of catchy songs entitled ' Flesh to Poles ', not mean the four early songs have to skipped, however we assume the four songs called 'Merciless Disease', 'Far Beyond the Unknown', 'Last Nail in Your Coffin' and 'Possessed ' are the end of the beginning, with the intention that these four songs become their identity because have rhythms and memorable compositions. And when you open this album through these songs, classic situation will be felt from the moans of tempo and rhythm that they play. And it absolutely will be obtained.

But if you dug deeper, this album is perfect for applying a lot of tempo, grooved, dynamic and creates many situations. Moody yet highly devastates, We feel in the next two songs after ' Flesh to Poles ' titled ' Under the Death Reign ' and 'We Came to Spill Thy Blood '. These two songs to kick boredom because we found the rhythm of the melody that is truly memorable, engaging and very classy. Yes, the touch of dynamic melodies as well as amazing also as the guidelines that this album is really identical.

'Pyre' were not only shows the pugnacity and fluency are playing the rhythm of Swedish old school style, but they also managed to play the diversity of rhythm and no doubt still holding gives the strong of Old school's aroma. Strong in portion as an entertainer with a catchy music design has certainly gained from this album. And the most important that ' Human Hecatomb ' gave a new dynamic to the audience to hear the concept of old school death metal. 'Curse Bloodline' and 'Disturbia' are the end songs that difficult to avoid. Despite having the same concept with four early songs, but this is a harmony in regulating the song structure on this album because we can feel the change of rhythm, clearly and grooved.

The fragrance that is in the ' Human Hecatomb' should be smelled when heard the opening song on this album, and it will remain maintained when heard the next song. And ' Human Hecatomb' comes across as an enhancer of pleasure and satisfying, not as an enhancer of burnout and a creator of monotonous.

Track List:
1.     Merciless Disease
2.     Far Beyond the Unknown
3.     Last Nail in Your Coffin
4.     Possessed
5.     Flesh to Poles    
6.     Under the Death Reign    
7.     We Came to Spill Thy Blood
8.     Cursed Bloodline
9.     Disturbia  

Dym Nox - vocal / bass
Roman Rotten - guitars
Fred Obsinner - guitars
Kannib Maledik - drums

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