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SIDIOUS - Revealed In Profane Splendour (2014) * Review

Delaying to hear the sadism and horribility of blasphemous and hubris in concocting black metal and death metal from them are a heretic. We do not want it, we want the right path and to finally be able to feel directly the deeper into the nuances of brooding, dark and devilish of their music. All this, as it does not want to stopping our steps towards a dark background and want to penetrate the walls of hell that full of dark torment and deadly hum as well as cruel of them. ' Revealed in Profane Splendour ' is a magnificent black that spurs the symphony absolutely, without avoiding slice of brutal and cruel from the cohesion of the black death. ' Sidious ' will spread this sin in coming November.

Brutal, Blast Beat and Harmonics, we do not doubt it, because this album has it all. However the most we look forward to their rituals are the brilliance bind the black metal components and death metal which dynamic, intense, and full nuances of the horror. Seven curses were scary, unwittingly giving the black power in each song and blasphemous. ' Sacrilegious Majesty' opens the album with full black identity, amature and appear as a rasper of other songs

The next songs titled ' Inexorable Revelation' and ' Reveled in Profane Splendour' are the two songs that have a touch of symphony and the nuances of black and brutal that most touches the soul on this album, although all the songs are perfect for us. Then if you hear the song entitled ' Annihilation Ov Abhorrent Credence ' and ' 'Obscenity ov Old', imagination in our brain lead to hell. This painful, really unforgettable and so blasphemy. The most resounding song for us. This Album really brings and spread the timeless shades of darkness.

Play the tempo became more brutal and vicious, set the guitar rhythm is becoming more drooping the situation, and reveals the growl that sick emerged from the pits of hell is the absolute side of this album. Do not forget, this album has a trend of magnificent symphonic of black metal that is graceful and beautifully played with characteristic and have a strong essence of black death beats, insulting and prolific. 'Infernal Reign' and 'O Paragon, Bringer ov Light' reveals it.

'Revealed in Profane Splendour ' absolutely no doubt, brings the power of the hell that is horrible, sadistic and full of torture . Cursing in every song and still rests on an anxiety and disquiet are very magnificent, delicious to be felt, and no doubt, this album delivers the totality of darkness and moodiness that is easily felt, expressed and demonstrated.

Track List
 1. Sacrilegious Majesty
2. Inexorable Revelation
3. Revealed In Profane Splendour
4. Annihilation Ov Abhorrent Credence
5. Obscenity Ov Old
6. Infernal Reign
7. O Paragon, Bringer Ov Light 

Isfeth - guitars and vocals
Indomitus - guitars
Baalrath - bass
Krhudd - drums

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