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THE DEAD - Deathsteps to Oblivion (2014) * Review

Desiring or feel the nuance especially in extreme music is a must, before we hear the tempo, style or music's composition from that album. And the soul is really touched, when we heard the piece of gloomy shades of ' The Dead ', in their third full length album titled ' Deathsteps To Oblivion '. Moodiness let alone the darkness absolutely was created in each of their songs on the album. Absolutely horrible, bringing a black imagination in every rhythm that they play, really so deeply touch the mind and soul.   Five revelations really published by ' Transcending Obscurity ' to incite the horror atmosphere and bring a darkly hubris which hard to avoided.

Deathsteps To Oblivion ' is like an awesomeness and fear in looking closely the scent of death that comes no matter the time and ready to spread a grief that does not previously thought, like their music on this album that cultivates and regulate thought for sad, fearful and full of musings and it came by inadvertently, because every riffs on this album really invite the imagination to think of death or something black. 

We are proud getting all the moodiness that resulted from this album, and we are satisfied because this album managed to deliver the enjoyment of darkness expression and the shadow of death is strong. ' Deathsteps To Oblivion ' ought to be made into a work of timeless, since it creates a honesty in revealing the moodiness and the darkness, not the majority, or modifications, but performing elegantly brought the strong tradition of minority, without the burden and always sublime of expression.  

' Maze of Terror ', ' Disturbing The dead ' and ' The God Beyond ' are the first serenity which can we feel on this album. Had a touch of melody and rhythm that is memorable, darken the atmosphere and slicing the mind to think gloomy and sad, the two songs were the most touched the heart and mind. ' The Dead ' bring the pride of doom in every their song, with offers plenty slow tempo but creating a solid dark tastes are their musical identity. Meanwhile, the last two tracks titled ' Terminus ' and ' Deathsteps to Oblivion ' offers a more assertive concept and varied. We could feel the presence of Sludge in the song 'terminus', although not comprehensive, meanwhile the song ' Deathsteps to Oblivion ' showing the death metal side that more reveals the powerful of epic compared to the other songs.

For us, the album managed to give an expression of extreme music, on the other hand, it also consists of a good cohesion between doom and death metal Although more accentuate for understated shades of melancholy of doom. But overall, the ' Deathsteps To Oblivion ' is an album that offers the beauty of expression without thinking of tradition of majority, and this is indeed present for the true connoisseur of doom death. We strongly believe and do not doubt it.  And on November 15th, should be ready to welcome this moodiness.

Track List:
1.     Maze of Fire
2.     Disturbing the Dead
3.     The God Beyond
4.     Terminus    
5.     Deathsteps to Oblivion

Mike Yee - Vocals
Adam Keleher - Guitar, bass
Chris Morse - Drums
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