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TORTURERAMA - It Begins At Birth (EP 2014) * Review

We pride able to know their music, and we love to review their album titled ' It Begins At Birth '. Appear in the format ' EP ', does not mean that this should be eliminated but this must be collected because besides catchy, ' It Begins At Birth ' also provides the basic of Swedish old school death metal which towards the end of the song, the more interesting and entertaining to be heard.   We got this from Belgium where ' Torturerama ' have been collaborating with the label ' Dolorem Records ' to release the album on September 8, ago.   This is really entertaining and did not want to miss it.

There is no which not interesting in four songs that they publish in this EP, but exciting hear it continuously. It's very grounded, because ' Torturerama ' is not just give a catchy package and the album which very entertaining, but they also included is a band that consistently gives the rhythms which teasing the head to headbang, moving the body to sway and forcing the ear to hear it more than once.

The first song entitled ' Shepherd Of A Secret Realm ', we thought it was a song of the most diverse composition that they play.  We could get doom although not comprehensive, but this song really touched the mind and anesthetized the mouth not to think and speak the other albums.   Stay focused and successful provide a sense of harmony riff that solid is our main reason to linger hear this song.

When switching to next songs, entitled 'Territorial Darkness, ' Necromantical Tendencies ' and ' Flesh Ripping Sounds ' , Finally we get the classic scent of the old school death metal by applying tempos that fast and intense, harmonic riff and rapping the feel of anger and darkness.   Kill boredom has certainly gained from this album. And the main thing is that ' It Begins At Birth ', prepared for the spur of adrenaline and anger that really could clearly be felt.

' It Begins At Birth ' is giving the rhythms needed to headbang, comes with carrying the scent of harmony that is hard to forgotten, as well as performing basic authenticity of swedish old school is impressive, amaze and amuse. Assertiveness playing tempo and riffs which consistent from song to song. This should be proud, and make this package as a friend to excruciating the boredom. 

Track List:
 1.     Sheppard of a Secret Realm
2.     Territorial Darkness 
3.     Necromantical Tendencie
4.     Flesh Ripping Sounds 

Christophe Piette : Drums
Raf Meukens : Guitars
Dave Hannes :Guitars
Stefan Culot :Vocals, Bass 

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