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ARACHNIGOD, ' Forest Of Stars ' will be published on November 22nd, 2014, and give a contemplation called 'Lupus Salictarus'

Black Metal from California, USA ' Arachnigod ' will reveal six contemplation of the soul into a mindset that nuanced nature, dark, frightening but delicious to be felt because it will quickly generate and published a black imagination from the gloom of the soul includes the Nachtmystium Cover entitled ' Chosen By No One'.   Their first album entitled ' Forest Of Stars ' ascertained to be released by them on 22 November 2014 in physical and digital format.

For that, with pride for the first time, we were able to touch their music after recently they published the fourth song from the album entitled ' Lupus Salictarus ' and you can hear it here.

Our first impression when we heard this song especially heard integration of atmospheric riffs on the opener tone in this song , instantly alluring heart and ears , because it really stung shades of darkness, grim and frightening . The composition of tempo and rhythm of the black metal with strong slap of old school, boast and beautify this song, so impressed more reminisce and easy to remember . This is catchy , really beautiful and really hungry for this moodiness .   

We really want the fear, darkness and moodiness for hear the black metal composition, and ' Arachnigod ' really promising it, as evidenced by a song called ' Lupus Salictarus ', in fact already brought and evoke our imagination to the darkness and certainly very instigating to hear this album as a whole.  For us , heard this song likes imagine being in the mainland when there is no life and this body looks like will also perish taken by universe .  The band was ready to release it, an album art has also been published and it is time for us to wait for this fear.

Track List:
1.     Forest of Stars
2.     ...Ov Astralblood
3.     Ballad of A Dead Wolf
4.     Lupus Salictarius
5.     The Temple, The Terrace
6.     Chosen By No One (Nachtmystium Cover) 

Grimholm :Bass
Coldvoid     :Drums
Deadwolv : Guitars
Necrohorn : Vocals 

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