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DISCORS - Rei(g)ncarnation (2014) * Review

This is the first time we touched their musicality.  And we had no power to refuse it because the composition of death metal that they play really neat and dynamic. 'Rei (g)ncarnation ' is the first full length album of the band called ' Discors ', formed four years ago in Moscow, Russia.   Of course, this is an opportunity that we do not want to miss it, because we actually presented cohesion of melodies and beats are varied and dynamic of the violence and cruelty of death metal's grasp. Their structure of thrash, Progresive, Melodic death metal riffs, really bind into multiple tempo components, simple , quiet and comfortable is important in our ears.

Dynamics and harmony are very clearly, visible when a mix of melodic , thrash and death metal is very balanced with drum beats that are instrumental in arranging many tempo.   Not to mention, the deep growl character that quietly, bring moral message of savagery in summarizing the revolt that actually produced in any rhythm that they play.   Thirty minutes are in a situation of violent, revolted and moral introspection.  Preceded by the first frame of the music that has meaning is clearly entitled ' Entering the World of Hate ' before hearing the whole song in this album.   And cruelty as well as a sacrilege that clogged, really disclosed when two early singles entitled 'Struggle from Within' and 'Advent' is starting to resonate.

'Screwed Up ' and ' Breaking the Karmic Circle ' begins to offer density of the composition that balanced among melodic ,thrash and death metal riffs.   A bit of progressive death metal's bandage, can be felt and found in these songs.   When ' Swept Away ' and ' Rei (g)ncarnation ' reverberate, we hope that the depth of concept , manifested from the absorption component of death metal style, actually presented, and it turns out it was more than enough, not just variations of death metal compositions that already we have found in previous songs, but it's more entertaining and catchy.   The old death metal characters actually present at these two tracks. It's sweet and very impressive.

' Discors ' , through their debut album not play aggressive, but more produce the depth of total comprehension against the meaning of death metal as a whole.   They succeeded, because they give a sense of extreme music that is clear, and more to spewed anger, resentment and rebellion. ' Whisper Of Death ' prove it.   A humming cover entitled  'The End of Act I ' , was really touch, not only in the soul but this is the end of our journey into a strong epic and impressed.

For us, the album titled ' Rei (g) ncarnation ' was created to bring imagination to the past of journey , without forgetting the identity of death metal compositions and reap the cruelty, and we think that 'Discors', toward the way of deepen and penetrate in each of their songs. And it really feels and forced to think of .

Track List:
1.     Entering the World of Hate
2.     Struggle from Within
3.     Advent
4.     Screwed Up 
5.     Breaking the Karmic Circle
6.     Swept Away
7.     Rei(g)ncarnation 
8.     Whisper of Death    
9.     The End of Act I

Sergey "Sjalavrak" Grechin - vocals
Yuri "Dumas" Vinokurov - guitars
Gleb "Steel Shell" Kalabukhov - drums
Sergey "Fiend" Gudovich - guitars
Pavel "55 Hertz" Raskachaev - bass

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