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FLESH DISGORGED - A Pulchritudinous Macabre (2014) * Review

24 minutes, just create the ears became red, because they really hit and crashing by a cruel slap which smelling the blood of Goregrind noise.  Not only that, the dynamic music line from the diversity of brutal death that really agitated, it's certainly tempting to angry, growled and become violent. This cruelty, we got from Singapore, where a band called ' Flesh Disgorged ' concocted the concept of brutal death that dynamic with slap of goregrind which absolutely interesting to be heard on their debut album, entitled ' A Pulchritudinous Macabre ', released by Bizarre Leprous Production on July ago.

Their wildness already frightening when listening the fast beats and savage in the early songs titled 'Rejected to Self-Mutilation', and 'Exenteration of the Rectal Carcinoma'.   These two songs opens the inflammation of goregrind is so clearly in this album. The variety of styles of brutal death with a fusion concept of slamming, gore and grind, we enjoy in almost all the songs on this album, including the most rude and kill on the last three tracks on the album , titled 'Perverse Elegance of Butchery' , 'Abattoir's Choice of Dismemberment', and 'Forced Extirpation of Carconigenic Stoma'.   Hearing these songs, like wrenching the skin of the abdomen, painful and really is in a condition of suffering, and for us, these songs managed to create an imagination of something painful or suffer, and we feel that it's all really present on this album as a whole. 

Not only plays brutal riffs that savage , but more tore again, this band create a dynamic music , varied and make this album easy to be heard and surely never boring , because there are many songs that are devoted to headbang and swaying like 'Indulging in Fecal Debauchery' , 'Disservering the Pustule Sarcoma' , and 'Daging Terburai' .   Then, two songs called 'Erectile Disfunction of the Blue Balls Effect ' and 'Slit the Clit ' are songs that most we like of this album.  These songs are dynamic , simple but really brought wholeness of goregrind.  There is a balance and the diversity riffs of the brutal death , the collision of a strong slam , the noise of grindcore that culminated, and slices of gore that really hurt and lacerating the chest .

'A Pulchritudinous Macabre ' for us was the other meats to be sliced, because every minute we get carried away the imagination against something that is suffering or painful, and immediately settled with many slices. And this album is not only contains the brutal riffs that varies, but more broadly, this album creates a passion of anger and emotionally are high after hearing every song on this album and it is clear, that ' A Pulchritudinous Macabre ' is a result of the exploration of extreme music that must be felt.

We do not want to discuss the concept of goregrind they profess, because they've managed to play it well, but more than that, brutal riffs, aggressive and fast grind that burn this chest, very difficult to just ignored, because by hear every rhythm or tempo on this album, truly arouses the desire to hurt someone and whatever it is, you have to hear it.

Track List
1.     Rejected to Self-Mutilation
2.     Screams of Forced Agony
3.     Exenteration of the Rectal Carcinoma 
4.     Indulging in Fecal Debauchery
5.     Sweet Flesh Solder
6.     Disservering the Pustule Sarcoma 
7.     Daging Terburai    
8.     Erectile Disfunction of the Blue Balls Effect
9.     Slit the Clit
10.     No No No 
11.     Perverse Elegance of Butchery
12.   Abattoir's Choice of Dismemberment 
13.     Forced Extirpation of Carconigenic Stoma 

Salim - Vocals,
Za - Guitar(RIP)
Shah - Guitar,
Farrid - Bass,
Faizal - Drum

Bizarre Leprous Production
 Anenská Studánka č.55
56301 Lanškroun, Pardubický kraj
Czech Republic

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