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INFERION - This Will Decay (2014) * Review

We really like, when combination of anger through the thump of thrash and the hubris of melodic rhythm , make bond being strong into black metal riffs . We found this concept in all their songs and it's done consistently, and we have no doubt heard their third full length album entitled ' This Will Decay ' because for us, this is fresh, entertaining and created a phenomenon, that black metal is not only create fear, horror or diablerie, but more than that, the black metal concept mainly played by ' Inferion ' is highly attention to the entertaining aspect and can be heard by all circles, especially the extreme music connoisseur. 

Touching the mind, fears, darkness and gloom, already surely we get it in this album, however the album was increasingly favors because it gives a passion of anger, violence, brutality and murder. The most memorable was the album entitled ' This Will Decay ' , made the black metal is the music is not only sting fear and darkness, but becomes a pleasure and insanity to hear it. This is really we got and we really enjoy their cleverness in this album.

We do not hesitate to say that ' This Will Decay ' in contrast to their previous albums, if seen in terms of the composition of the Black death which they play, it's much lighter than the album ' The Desolate (2012) ', more dynamic compared to the album ' Palingenesis (EP-2014) and more powerful than the album ' Firewar (2003)', and as a whole , this album is phenomenal and fresher, tastier than their previous albums. Many catchy riffs was featured on the album as in the song 'Embers', 'Directionless', 'Until the Sun Consumes Us', 'The Serpent in the Valley' and 'Lament'.   These songs are also clearly showed off the strength of melodic and had a deep expression of darkness and the contemplation of the soul. Hearing these songs like being on a high hill with a face looking up above the sky whiles remembering the dead. This is brilliant. 

However, we can still feel and find the same concept with the album ' The Desolate (2012), as in a song titled ' This Will Decay ', ' Carrion for the Scavengers ', ' Contempt ' or ' Tempted by Failure '.   Still savage and blasphemous.   The Four last songs, increasingly cruel gives incision of their brutality .   The songs were titled 'Aftermath of Destruction ', 'When Bones Meet Corrosion ', 'A Hell to Endure ' and 'Unrestrained', replete with the blasphemy riffs, as well as the definition of a strong black metal.  We think it is not a complete heard or feel the nuance of this album if not hear the last song.

We are in the condition of joy , but not to disown approached by a tension, scary and full of deep black expression, when heard this album as a whole . And for our ears , 'This will decay' ' far more the latest that contain improvised the black death because dynamic , harmonious, and still in the black death metal correlation that brutal , blaspheme and kill.

Track List:
1.     This Will Decay        
2.     Carrion for the Scavengers        
3.     Contempt        
4.     Tempted by Failure        
5.     Embers        
6.     Directionless        
7.     Until the Sun Consumes Us        
8.     Further from the Light        
9.     The Serpent in the Valley        
10.     Lament        
11.     Aftermath of Destruction        
12.     When Bones Meet Corrosion        
13.     A Hell to Endure        
14.     Unrestrained

Nick Reyes-Guitars,Vocals,
Frank Gross- Bass,Vocals
Carlos Delgado-Drums

 3346 Princeton Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

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