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INFESTED ENTRAILS - Defiling a Piece of The Deceased (2014) * Review

Absolutely created for entertaining and very catchy. Stimulating the head for headbang and teasing the ear to hear it again and again. Death metal with a beautiful harmonization groove between tempo and rhythm, we get from ' Infested Entrails' in their debut album titled ' Defiling a Piece of The Deceased'.   We amazed and greatly enjoyed harmonious guitar riffs and dynamic, Because that which makes this album inadvertently stimulate the body to sway, not to mention the beat of drums that memorable, bring the pride of old school of an integrated of thrash, slamming and death metal in entirety and balanced, lead to us difficult to forget any rhythm that they play in this album. So tasty and their music really makes us smile.

This album is perfect create the imagination of strong sense of the indignation, not bound by the rules of the concept of rigid death metal but rather explores an entertainment. The music concept of dynamic , because they create a musical groove in each song.   It's clear that the rhythm that they play far of boredom. The album opened with two bites that stimulate all the songs to be heard, the songs entitled ' Raped by a zombie ' and ' Post Mortem Indignities' was create curiosity towards to the other songs, because have the most beautiful harmonization on this album.  Indeed we admit, these two songs are very deserved as early songs from this album.

33 minutes, They present the rhythm of death metal that really evoke the adrenaline. This head cannot stop headbang heard guitar riffs and beats of drum they play, especially when hearing the next songs in this album.    Cruel, there is anger in their rhythm, varied tempos and groove really we got on this album, especially on songs entitled 'Pregnant with Parasites', 'Avascular Necrosis' , 'Born with a Barbed Wire Cock' and 'Firefight Sodomy'.

Not deserving of mention this album was very catchy if we do not continue to hear next songs, and too stupid if only choose only one favorite song,  because for us , the concept of death metal that they create besides awakens the spirit and adrenaline , the rhythms that they publish in this album succeeded making our brain easy to remember it .   It is important thing , because they managed to make us doze with the structure of their music . 'Woo There, Lassie!','Raping the Stillborn', 'Recreational Vomit Facial' and 'Necrocity', have to hear these songs, because will be more stimulating the brain to reach the top notch of the rhythm of those who really entertaining and catchy .
'Infested Entrails' of Australia through their debut entitled ' Defiling a Piece of the Deceased ' is ready to help you to resurrect all your old grudges, and for us it is a level where extreme music should be explored more deeply so as the perceived an imagination capable of torturing, killing and painful. And we think ' Defiling a Piece of the Deceased ' already prove it all , Indeed come to spread the imagination but also pay attention to aspects of entertaining to hear it, make it aligned with the other great albums. It is very brilliant and too fancy in this ear. 

Track List:
1.     Raped by a Zombie
2.     Post Mortem Indignities    
3.     Pregnant with Parasites        
4.     Avascular Necrosis 
5.     Born with a Barbed Wire Cock    
6.     Firefight Sodomy 
7.     Woo There, Lassie!    
8.     Raping the Stillborn    
9.     Recreational Vomit Facial    
10.     Necrocity 

Lyndon Southwell - Guitar
Matt Frame - Guitar
Matthew Budge - Drums
Jordan Giblett - Vocals

69 Melrose Ave, Sylvania
New South Wales, 2224

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