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POWER OF GROUND - The butcher (Ep) (2014) * Review

Hear the entire song on the album titled ' The butcher ' made us, as if holding all the tools to kill and ready to bury our enemies into holes that already contain a mixture of blood and pus.   Four songs in an EP, we get from ' Bangladesh ' when the ' Power Of Ground ' proclaimed it about two months ago.  There are expectations from us against this band, this band will be much more sound in subsequent years with their savagery that must disclosed.

Our first expression surprise, came when the two characters vocal i.e., guttural growl and scream which alternately wolfing out the punch of technical and brutal riffs and was done consistently and neatly.  We are satisfied with it, because this band could burn the situation only with this.  But the most tantalizing is the composition of a blasphemous technical, spur adrenaline along with bloody brutal composition that kills and redden the face.  This caught our attention and really stuck not to go to still hear the song by song on this album.

The first song is the song that most expression, full of grudge, and most ruthless if in view of the enormity of the grooves of drum beats and monsters riffs of the technical that truly pounding. We are fascinated with a song called ' When Love Turns Revenge ' because really want the rhythm that awakens all the rage.   The last song ' Feast for the Beast ' is also one of our ideal, because that song, has provided a solid basis of brutal technical correlations and dynamic.   But if want the existence of harmony of the brutal technical, evident in the next two songs titled ' Murder Is an Art ' and ' The Butcher '.   In addition, a strong of grind character impressed masked by noise of technical death, make these songs are complete which offering the inhumanity of extreme music that we really want.

There is a lot of anger, violence and the brutal charm that we want from this album, besides inhumanity plays the technical and brutal riffs, neatly and harmonious.   ' The Butcher ' is indeed an EP, but it also has a great taste when the framework of technical death metal played roughly and ruthless, but not eliminate the harmonization of beats and tempo are catchy , arouse the anger; and this is the original flavor of extreme music. We do not doubt them. 

Track List:
 1.     When Love Turns Revenge        
2.     Murder Is an Art        
3.     The Butcher        
4.     Feast for the Beast 

 Abid - Lead Singer
Rizwan - Lead Guitar
Abrar - Lead Guitar
Joy - Bass Guitar
Sunny - Drums

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