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TOXOID - Aurora Satanae (2014) * Review

We recognize that we just know this band after heard the news that their first album entitled ' Aurora Satanae' be released by a label ' Transcending Obscurity' on CD next month. 'Toxoid', a black metal band from New Delhi, India, echoed almost half of an hour of total darkness that infused into six rituals. We are interested to hear this album due to the old concept of black metal that we can find and feel on this album. A Condemnation that blasphemes, black sound that solid and powerful, the correlation between black melody and tempo that harmonious, adding more incitement which led to the curiosity to hear this album overall.

'Baphomed Enraged ' welcomes our ears with full of eeriness, multi tempo and take off the shackles of black to spread to different parts of the taste of the deep darkness, gloom, viciousness, devilish and diablerie, a song that instantly leads the brain to keep our black expression. And then, ' Feed My Wrath ' and ' Demon Lust ' was echoed, this blackness increasingly solid , and began to intrude the soul to attain pleasure that peaked from the concept of pure black that they show. Really impressive.  

Mercilessly, insulting and sting of darkness and gloom, it's easy to be felt when hearing the six ritual of them on this album. Moreover, the variation of the drum beats and powerful character of guitar riffs that played, really incite to repeat always each song as much as six times. And the songs entitled ' Misanthropic Mystical Doctrine ', ' Aurora Satanae ' and ' Thy Infernal Defloration ' is an important cause of why we tempted hear this album over and over again. This is cool. 

So, are you ready to this diablerie?. We think all gloom and moodiness which needed when heard the black metal is here, because 'Toxoid ' is still adored the old concept of black metal that they profess. And, the six songs that they publish on the debut album, such as strengthen the bane of Satan that fettered without constraint of darkness, remains burning the holy spirit.   And for us, ' Aurora 'Satanae' actually upheld the immortality of the purity of black metal in every rhythm, they blasphemed.

Track List:
1.     Baphomet Enraged
2.     Feed My Wrath
3.     Demon Lust
4.     Mystical Misanthropic Doctrine
5.     Aurora Satanae
6.     Thy Infernal Defloration    

Adnan Khan - Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Paul Marandi - Bass
Angad Singh - Guitar
Sagar sidhanti - Drums (session)

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