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WARMBLOOD - God Of the Zombies (2014) * Review

Before hearing the album, we are confident that 'Warmblood' will return to gives great taste. We have admitted it, after hearing their album's trailer some time ago.   And it turns out, it's proven to be clear.   They back again made the composition of death metal which is passionate, away from boredom, and more focus of creating the rhythms are comforting.   The ears are not tired hearing the riffs which played in every song, and it's much more interesting when we compare with their previous album, entitled 'Timor Mortis '.

Their third full-length album entitled ' God Of the Zombies ', besides ease the head to headbang, their music on this album is also very grooved and dynamic, intense and consistency in concocted thrash and death metal riffs into the harmonious unity, no doubt only obtainable on this album rather than their previous two albums.   And ' God Of the Zombies ' must be owned by the death metal music lovers who want a catchy composition and reminisce.   We are very confident.

Hear the first song entitled 'Post Mortem Transfiguration', For us is the start of our excitement to heard all songs in this album. Very dynamic and harmonics.   But do not forget, this album is opened by an intro entitled ' Zombie Genesi ' which is unfortunate if passed, because through this intro, as if we are in the situation where explaining about the civilization of monsters or zombies. 'Contagium Escalation 'and 'Eucharist Dead Flesh' are songs that very recall in this brain. Melodic with powerful technical encasement as well as a composition which hides the thumps of an old school beats, really aromatize the beautiful scent in these two songs.

We think, all songs are delicious and exciting.   The composition of the music that grooved, dynamic and harmonious done consistently and integrated, makes all the songs are very catchy, easy to understand, simple but build the imagination and deep catchment. We do not care that they are not using the bass instrument on this album, but the sound character and a strong definition of death metal which entertain, we get easily in this album.   And the next songs entitled 'Unfaithful Celebrant', 'God of Zombies ' and 'Replaced by Death' , prove it all.

'Warmblood' create the character of stunning compositions of melodic riffs, drum beats or a memorable acoustic on this album.   A song called ' Culmination of Final Transformation' , explained to us that they are not only creating an entertaining nuance on this album, but more profoundly, they brought these thoughts to all the expressions of blasphemy, cursing and death.   If want to choose a favorite song, it's hard for us to choose it, Because all the songs on this album is very fascinating. All songs have oscillations that evoke the adrenaline and it's easy to be expressed. But the song called ' Zombinferno ' and acoustic instruments as a cover album entitled ' Ite Missa Est ', is really touching the inner.

'Warmblood', through their third full length album entitled ' God of the Zombies ' is a delicacy and insatiable because truly fascinating if seen from the composition of guitar riffs and drum beats are played. The album is also always make us interested, and not tired of hearing it, if we like to headbang, sway and expression. ' God Of the Zombies ' is the real of death metal that really entertains the brain and touch the inner with the cleverness of concocted death metal rhythms into the dissonance of harmonics which always nailed by the attractiveness and bewitching. 

Track List:
1.     Intro (Zombie Genesi)        
2.     Post Mortem Transfiguration        
3.     Contagium Escalation        
4.     Eucharist Dead Flesh        
5.     Unfaithful Celebrant        
6.     God of Zombies        
7.     Replaced by Death        
8.     Culmination of Final Transformation        
9.     Zombinferno        
10.     Ite Missa Est         

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