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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'ANAL FISSURE' released a new song taken from the upcoming debut album titled ' Mind of a Serial Killer '

Excruciating, painful and filled with kill the instincts really we face, when hear the pressures that emerging from brutal slam violence being spewed out by the brutal death from Philippines, ' Anal Fissure ' through a promo song that recently they published, titled ' Rectal Bludgeoning', taken from their upcoming debut album entitled ' Mind of a Serial Killer ',  Mixed and Master by Paul Magat of Vortextures Recording Studio.   The album will be released soon, by the label of Thailand, ' Brute Productions '.

Four minutes, these ears are corked by slam riffs that rot, beats of dynamic brutal  and the presence of deep guttural which amplifies the brain and mind to slice up the brutal death dissonance , to be more hitting and Insulting all the inhumanity through the grunts that cruel.

Hear the song entitled 'Rectal Bludgeoning' , for us as an abomination that cannot be avoided, prepared for the physical and mental torture, and would not perish even in opponent by wrath and anger.   This album planned contains ten songs , and currently they are busy to record it.

 Untz - Vocals
AC - Guitars
Myke - Drums
g-boy - Bass

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