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ATRUM TEMPESTAS - Néant (2014) * Review

Slowly become grim and tranquil. Very deep so easy to terrifying. Haunting yet very graceful.   A gravelly package, amazing and haunting the soul through 'Atrum Tempestas ', the atmospheric black metal band from Finland, on their debut album entitled ' Néant ', was released by the label of Portugal, 'Nordavind Records', October ago.   Echoes of this gloom is very difficult to be forgotten, always accompanies in this inner, when they give nuance of rhythm and tempo that darkly.   31 minutes felt silent, when heard three musings that deep and touches the soul even the brain to imagine a death that was not revealed.   These reflections are very difficult to avoided, really getting into the heart and not realizing the duration of song that was long in this album.  Collaboration among the wistful of atmospheric black riffs and doom, truly soothing the mind and becomes grim at any tempo. Really impressive.

We are so scoured the riffs that they play, no matter the language to lyrics that they apply.  We think, it is the French language, but the main ones for us, the music that they played was absolutely stinging the gloom, and this success that makes us dreamy, sat quietly, teasing the mind to imagine and hallucinating.   This album is perfect, because it gives a deep darkness and sting of sadness and gloom are powerful.  The first gloom, entitled 'Quitter ceux qui étaient déjà partis ', totally provide dark spaces, deep of darkness as well as tempting the thoughts to deepen their solemnity.  Really delicious and sensational.

'Et après... le néant ' , more rude, ruthless, and very raw to explore the atmospheric rhythms, but it was the most touching song of our soul in hearing this album, Although all songs, covered by gloom and sting the moodiness.   Meanwhile, ' S'éclipser ', appear increasingly silent, haunting and very graceful.   Here, we hear the moodiness of doom riffs that more vulgar than the other two tracks. It attracts attention and actually have all the pleasure in giving moodiness and contemplation without limit.

Not just once we heard this album. In fact, the opening song on this album is already teasing the ear and the soul that have moistened profusely by moodiness. But not just the satisfaction that we get after hearing this album, but a glory and pleasure to facing the shades of darkness and profound contemplation in this album.   For Us, ' Néant ' is the culmination of sadness through the dark mist that we expected. 

Track List:
 1.     Quitter ceux qui étaient déjà partis 
2.     S'éclipser    
3.     Et après... le néant 

Perttunen — Vocals, instruments
Kylmäaho — Vocals, instruments

P.O. Box 527
EC Alexandre Herculano
3880 Ovar

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