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Welcome to The Hard-Lines Extreme Metal Civilization 2009-Now

'BAALSEBUB' reveal a merciless pain in their singles, entitled ' Procedure of Emasculation.

Brutal Slam from Estonia ' Baalsebub ', recently joined with  the label ' Ungoldly  Ruins Productions' to release their debut album by 2015.   Performing with new vocalis 'Aivar Keermann ',  their inhumanity in exposing of suffering increasingly without borders.  

A single, entitled ' Procedure of Emasculation ', recently they publish.  Ramming the head, lacerating the body as well as sowing all the wounds that fester, it seems to be really realized in series of killing and hurting the physical.

Almost six minutes, these ears was bruised by something painful and itchy, of rawness of the brutal riffs that cruel, rude and really enjoy the moans of gore from the beats that stimulates the instinct to hurt and spreading threat to nailing the head.  Performing that cruel and merciless through slamming riffs that insult and inciting both hands to slice and dice the crotch, not to mention the inhumanity of guttural, raping the mind to imagine a body that bloody, slimy and sleazy.

For us, a song that recently they publish is stimulants drugs to our brain, to express an infatuation in enjoying the violent concept of slamming brutal death which raw and that's not isolated by any instinct to suffering, spewing blood and continues to hurt the injuries to purulent.   And we wait for their next killing series.

 Taavi Veidner :  Bass
Markus Saar: Drums
Tarvi Neemelaik : Guitars (lead)
Aivar Keermann : Vocals

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