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'BREATHLESS', snarled and then attack through a song called ' Killing-Sophy ' from their upcoming album.

Coming from Spain, ' Breathless ', finally will reveal the deep thinking about social rumors to be published on their second full length album titled ' Return to pangaea ' after the release of their debut album titled ' Thrashumancy ' three years ago.   This Album will be released on the 20th of January, 2015, by classy label, 'Xtreem Records ' .

We are new to know this band, not mean that we passed this great opportunity to hear their first attack of the album.   We heard a dense composition of Thrash metal musical structures of them, simple but really touched our emotional instincts. The combination of fast riffs and full of a sense of deep emotional, really we realize that this song really want to strike to incite the enjoyment that we expected. Really impressive.  Moreover, they have the tempo composition that ignites a situation. 

The presence of ' Return to pangaea ' , should we feel, because through a song called ' Killing-Sophy ', there are the seeds of the insurgency that we might expect from the album, there is fetters of anger that should be unfold, and there was a deep contemplation about the angst of staring the world that we are looking for,  This attack must be done and do not delay.   We waited for this.

Track List:
 01. Tectonic Chant
02. Killing-sophy
03. Atomic Waste
04. Introspective Nightmare
05. Return to Pangea
06. Beyond the Ritual
07. Masterade
08. Ursula has a Tank
09. Breathless
10. Brooding Wraith
11. Spinning Metal

Edu "Bastard": Guitar/Vocal
Joan Font: Drums
Oscar "Nazareno": Bass

P.O.Box 666
28080 - Madrid
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